acronis true image 7

  Quiller. 20:51 02 Jul 2004

I have taken an image of my "C" drive and placed it on a usb 2.0 external hard drive. The size has been compressed from 8.3gig to 4.9 gig.

I do have a dvd burner and wondered if it was worth taking a bootable image of the drive and burn it to a dvd disk. I have read many times of people re-installing their operating system and files from an imaged disk.The bootable rescue media builder just mentions rescue diskettes or cdr\cdrw's.

Will I be able to image all of my "C" drive to a dvd disk, will it be compressed. Would I be better off taking off some heavy files or programmes so every thing will fit on to one disk. Are multiple cdr's the best option.

Thanks for any input.

  christmascracker 21:12 02 Jul 2004

When you take an Image it will ask you if you want the file size set as automatic or fixed size.Choose fixed. If you set this to around 4.4 gig ish then it will split the image file. Then you can burn onto DVD.

I back up to 2nd HDD and DVD just to be on the safe side.

  Quiller. 21:25 02 Jul 2004

Thanks for that christmascracker.

The dvd burner is (was) in the other desktop. I have taken it out and swapped it over, the dvd burner.

I shall give your recommendations a try.

thanks again.

  Quiller. 21:49 02 Jul 2004

Although acronis recognises the dvd burner, it is coming back with invalid media type for the disks. These disks always work well with this burner.

I think I might have to use multiple cdr's to create the bootable image. :-( Will it restore the computer if I do use multiple disks? or is one disk the standard way.

  christmascracker 21:57 02 Jul 2004

Sorry,You cant burn DVDs through Acronis you have to use a third party one such as Nero.

Just save the image as normal but set it to a fixed size. You might end up with two or three.

When you have done that you can then burn each individual file to DVD using your usual burning software (Nero in my case)

  Quiller. 22:18 02 Jul 2004

Ah. So thats why it will not burn to dvd.

I do have nero 6 so I will do as you suggest.

christmascracker many thanks for your help and guidance

  christmascracker 22:36 02 Jul 2004

Your welcome :-) Acronis is a great and I wouldn't be without it. It's saved me on more than one occasion.

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