Acronis True Image 2011

  Petesilver 18:39 13 Sep 2010

I have tried the acronis help line & their forum but to no avail, so seeing as I always get good help from here perhaps someone may know thw answer if there is follows

Have just upgraded to the latest Build, went to do a backup but its just says that there is not enough space in ASZ, I do have it set to delete the oldest, but I had to delete it manually before I could backup, of course this is no good when you set up a schedule, anyone know why this is happening ??

  woodchip 19:04 13 Sep 2010

Only thing I can think is how you have setup Acronis in the first Place, that is that Acronis as not enough Space on may be a Partition that it its self as created i.e the data now on your C:\ partition is now more than the space allocated by Acronis even if other backups is deleted. I only Create Images to external or other internal drives removing these if I want to. But I always leave one that is created not long after resetup of Windows and load programs etc when I know it working as it should

  woodchip 19:05 13 Sep 2010

you could remove Acronis including any Partitions it created and restart from fresh with it

  Petesilver 17:42 14 Sep 2010

I don't understand what you mean it was working before i installed the latest build my HDD is 500gb windows & programs use 58gb, the acronis secure zone is set at 70gb and a backup is usually about 28gb and there is about 327gb free space.
I also backup to an external HDD but there is no problem with that as it has 1tb of space.
What I am after is why when I have set the option to delete the oldest file in ASZ is not working.

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