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  avesnes1 21:04 20 Jan 2010

A few days ago I tried installing software onto my wife's laptop for a new wireless printer (Epson SX515W).

After installation the laptop would not connect to the internet. I uninstalled the software and internet connection could be made but would only last for a few minutes before disconnecting.

A system restore to the day before said that no changes had been made. At this point I thought about using Acronis.

However Acronis would not load from within XP so I booted from the Acronis CD. This got as far as selecting the target partition/disc drive into which to restore the most recent full backup. At that point Acronis froze. (I have never had any problems taking and validating full backups.)

I then rebooted normally (i.e. without the Acronis CD) and after a bit of looking about I found that the laptop's Network Adapter had been disabled, presumably by the Epson software?

I enabled the Adapter and internet connection could be made. (Smiles from madame!)

Have any members had a similar problem with Acronis freezing at a vital moment?

Also, any thoughts as to whether one can test the Acronis full restore procedure without destroying the existing XP, applications and data currently on the C partition/disc drive?

Thanks in advance for any comments/guidance.

  KremmenUK 06:52 21 Jan 2010

The reviews I read on both Acronis and Ghost (latest versions) is that they either work or you have a catalogue of problems that never seem to go away. There doesn't seem to be any middle ground. If you have problems they are there to stay as something is incompatible and that's that.

Over the years I've had both and what killed it for me was that even though ATI was producing an image and verifying it as OK, when I needed it in anger it didn't work and destroyed the image file into the bargain, so a second attempt was not on offer.

I now don't use either but rely on SyncToy and SyncBack to produce regular data-only backups and anything more serious gets a full re-install.

The last time I had to perform a full reinstall was over 5 years ago so that strategy is currently working.

  David4637 12:22 21 Jan 2010

Do SyncToy and SyncBack (Freeware??) back up the OS as well as your data? If so fine, if not ATI is your only option. I have used ATI for 7 years, and have needed to restore the OS about 4 times - hence its BRILLIANT!! Thanks David

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