Acronis True Image 10, free trial

  GAOEG 21:22 16 Mar 2007

After browsing several threads featuring Acronis True Image I have made a disk image of my OS partition onto DVD with the free 15 day trial version on the Acronis web site, verified it and written a boot CD. If I really need to use it to restore the OS will this have to be done using the "Restore" function of True Image? If so this will presumably not be possible after 15 days, making the back up as useful as a concrete parachute. Also I can't see how you can do this if the OS has gone down. Could some kind person please clear up my confusion?
Many thanks.

  Simsy 21:57 16 Mar 2007

so badly that it wont even boot up, you can start True Image from the Bootable CD.

You have to create this from the programme while the OS is still bootable, of course, which you have done.

Put the CD in the drive and restart the PC, choosing to boot from the CD. How you do this depends on the motherboard/BIOS...

You may have to change settings in the BIOS, or you may have the option, during the initial starting up, of pressing one of the "F" keys on the keyboard which will give you a choice of what to boot from.

Naving booted from the CD, the programme is very much the same as if you'd started it from windows.

With regard to needing to restore after the 15 days... you'll have to pay for the full version!

Does that help?



  Technotiger 21:58 16 Mar 2007

As well as making the Image of your 'c' drive - you make a Bootable Rescue CD with the Acronis wizard - that is how you are then able to restore the backup after a catastrophic boob.

  woodchip 22:00 16 Mar 2007

It does not mater if the OS as gone down or you geat a Virus or the Master Boot Record gets corrupt as the Image puts it all back when you use the Boot disc and Restore. It's the same thing you get as a Restore CD with as new computer. It back to the time you made the Image

  GAOEG 23:45 16 Mar 2007

Thanks for the responses folks. The position seems clear: I have to buy the full version before discovering whether it really works. This makes the 15 day trial a waste of time wouldn't you say? Although it comes highly recommended of this forum at least a couple of people recently, who seem to know what they are doing, have had difficulty getting it to do what it says it does. I'll think about it. Thanks again for taking the trouble.

  woodchip 23:49 16 Mar 2007

See the other thread at the top in helproom

  David4637 13:34 17 Mar 2007

You have to try out the backup (restore it) even though your OS is OK. It gives you enormous confidence if the OS does go down, and it takes only 5 mins in my case with a compressed 3 GB OS image. "ITS THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD," and I will keep on shouting about it. David

  GAOEG 21:44 19 Mar 2007

Just to update this.
In order to validate the process I decided to copy the back-up disk image to an empty partition and this seemed to work OK. However, later in the week-end I noticed that all my work was being written to the E (back-up) drive. Checking with Partition Manager confirmed that the E drive was now the active partition and I was working on the back-up.
I don't know how this happened, but I wasn't happy with it so in Partition Manager I deactivated the E drive and activated the C drive.
I rebooted and Disaster! blue screen, error messages. Eventually it crawled into some form of life, but not one I recognised, with no desktop save an anaemic form of the recycle bin icon and some small windows with just basic stuff; not even a "Help" option.
I decided to use the back-up image, this time for real, but not being able to access True Image, had to use the TI boot CD. This worked and gave me access to True Image where I used the "recover" mode to copy to C drive. It all worked as advertised and all my stuff came back good as new.
A convincing demonstration and when the trial period ends I will be paying my money for the full version, althiugh I don't fully agree with you David: I think it's better than unsliced, organic, non-supermarket wholemeal.

  Technotiger 21:58 19 Mar 2007

Grreat, thanks for the feedback.

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