Acronis True I,age Backup

  SURVEY 18:27 08 May 2007

I have started using Acronis True Image 10. My Mesh computer came with a recovery partition. On taking a full back up I am presently only ticking the box for a C:drive backup. Should I also tick the box for the Recovery Partition?

  rawprawn 18:29 08 May 2007

No just tick C:

  bjh 18:58 08 May 2007

I don't agree. If you image the c: partition, you'll make an image of the working Windows directory. That's what you really want. But DVDs are so cheap, make a backup of the recovery partition as well, and when you need to restore, you'll have two ways of doing it. Ther'll always be a copy of the Mesh backup.

Main reason for this? Mesh Customer Service comes in for a little bit of stick on the odd occasion ;@)
They may ask you to make a Factory Restore before they'll believe thre's a hardware fault. having this to hand may be no better for the computer that an Acronis of the active partition, but at least it'll prove a point to them.

As I say, DVD media is soo cheap, it's not worth not doing.

  skidzy 19:06 08 May 2007

I also copy both but never had to use the backup....yet !

  SURVEY 19:14 08 May 2007

Thanks all for your comments and advice. I guess it is also worth taking maybe a separate image of the Recovery partition in case I ever need to replace the hard drive? Or should I always take an image of both at the same time so that a new drive will accept the single image that includes a partition in one hit?

  rawprawn 19:14 08 May 2007

I suppose it depends on how many belt and braces you need. If you copy C: it will recover that whole drive, I do keep a copy of Recovery, but I do not copy it each time. In my opinion Recovery is exactly that, Acronis copy of C: will get you back to your last backup point

  setecio 22:06 08 May 2007

If Acronis takes a copy of the recovery partition, will it always be able to factory restore the PC from this, when copied back to the original HD or onto a new HD in case of failure?

If so that it a handy feature.

  SURVEY 08:36 09 May 2007

rawprawn - if by ticking C: drive, you are saying that Acronis copies all including the Recovery partition, even though it shows the Recovery partition as almost a 'sub-folder' in the what to backup screen? If so, one cannot just backup the C:drive without the recovery partition being also backed up!

Seems sensible to me to back up the whole C:drive including the Recovery partition, just in case a new drive is ever required.

  keef66 13:20 09 May 2007

6 yrs ago my pc came with the hard drive partitioned into C:\ and D:\ with the recovery files, drivers, utilities etc on D:
Now using TI I just copy C:\ because I'll never be going back to factory settings and the company that supplied the thing went bust anyway.

Are you saying you don't have a separate partition for the recovery stuff? If it's part of C:\ and that's what you're backing up, can you see the recovery stuff in the backup??

  SURVEY 13:39 09 May 2007

keef66 - I must admit I have not tried to see the recovery partition in the backup. I have a feeling that as the recovery partition is shown as almost a sub-directory of the C:drive that it actually is NOT being imaged unless I actually tick the two boxes for both C:drive and also recovery partition.

I guess that your comment that you would not be going back to the factory settings, rather just recovering the latest C;drive image is apt.

  skidzy 14:37 09 May 2007

When i use Acronis TI 10 i copy both C: and D:

D: has the recovery partition,both are backed up to an external drive as one image.
If you then explore the backup it will show the files needed for the recovery if needed.

setecio has a good point,if the drive ever fails and needs replacing the image of both partitions could be invaluable though TI10 does have the cloning option for exactly this.

Like i said earlier,ive never needed to use the backup ...yet ! hopefully will not need to.
Though every year i do reset back to factory settings and just do the updates and reinstall my programs.This gives me a new clean system for another year.Obviously my important data is backed up first.

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