Acronis TI 9.0 Backup Archive

  Spark6 16:34 22 Mar 2007

Having owned a genuine copy of TI 9.0 for about nine months, and not having had to use it in anger, I decided yesterday to check out a Backup Archive that I have for a desktop. This archive is on a partition of an external drive so I copied and pasted it to a partition on the slave drive with the intention of exploring it to ensure its ‘soundness’.

The information obtained from it so far is: This is image archive. Full backup of C: 11/06/06.

Date: 11 June 2006 20:26:54

Size: 10.22 GB. File name: G:\110606.tib

Files of type: Backup Archives (*.tib)

Is there a way to open this file?

  anskyber 16:39 22 Mar 2007

I have version 10 but I recall there is a facility on 9 called something like explore and validate. You need to open Acronis and it will/should let you look at it from there.

  woodchip 16:40 22 Mar 2007

Yes you have to load Acronis on to your Main OS partition as any other Program, If you want to Explore the Image. As it loads driver

  woodchip 16:43 22 Mar 2007

After loading the program right click the Image in Windows Explorer choose Explore, It will give the Image a Drive Letter, To finish with the Program after you have been working with it Right click on the Image Drive Letter and choose Unplug

  Spark6 20:08 22 Mar 2007

Thank you anskyber and woodchip, sorry about the delay in responding.

Acronis is already loaded on the main OS partition but I have been trying to open/explore the archive in explorer. Opening Acronis from the Start menu I selected Archive Verification with the following results:

Operation 1 of 1. Verifying backup archive.

Operation has completed with errors. Please see log for more details.

1 Information 100 2(0*640002) 22/03/2007 19:34:31 The "Current check operation" started.

2 Information 1 504(0*101F8) 22/03/2007 19:34:31 Pending Operation 3 started: "Verifying backup archive".

3 * Error 1 502(0*101F6) 22/03/2007 19:37:47 Operation with partition "0-0" was terminated. [Details:] Image corrupted (0*70020).

4 * Error 100 5(0*640005) 22/03/2007 19:37:47 Operation has completed with errors.

I assume this is a write-off!

  woodchip 22:15 22 Mar 2007

Yes that Image is no good, You should when creating a Image choose not to verify the Image but do it after, also save the Image first to the Hard Drive in the Computer to another Partition, then copy that to External drive for safe keeping if it a good Image

  Spark6 22:25 22 Mar 2007

Thanks again, I'll try that tomorrow, beginning to lose faith.

  woodchip 22:46 22 Mar 2007

Take my word for it, It is something you cannot be without today. It will become easy as you use it. But I do not create the secure partition bit, I just use it Simple as that's what I am, Simple. Full Images each time. And will delete one if I feel I do not need it any more

  Spark6 23:26 22 Mar 2007

I'm about to turn in with this little thought on my mind - the original backup image is still on my external drive together with BU images of another desktop and a laptop on seperate partitions. Are they likely to be corrupt and useless, or, is there a way to find out? Goodnight for now!

  woodchip 23:30 22 Mar 2007

No they may be OK, you can only find out by trying to run them, or Check with the Explor in Windows Explorer

  Spark6 08:45 23 Mar 2007

Please advise on the best and safest way to 'run' them, i.e. would it be worthwhile fitting a spare blank HD as a main drive and loading one of them on it?

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