Acronis TI 8.0 pe Boot disk query

  six-h 17:22 27 Jul 2009

I created a boot disk using TI 8.0 pe on my old XP PC about 18 months ago and the PC has since died.
I never tried to use it on that machine, but have since loaded this version of TI onto my lappy also running XP Home using the same Product Key.
Do I need to make a new boot disk, or will this one work?
Can I test it without risk of damaging my installation?
If so, what can I expect to see when booting from it?

  bjh 17:29 27 Jul 2009

You should be able to use the boot disk without harming your system. You won't (obviously) be able to use the images from the old machine.

Version 8 does not support SATA hard disks, and this may be a problem if the laptop is new.

There is no reason not to make a new startup disk on the new machine - except for the massive expense of a blank cd, and the 2 minutes time involved!!! Indeed, it is always a good idea to make the cd in the machine to be used.. Rarely, but occasionally, a cd written in one machine is less readable in another.

  six-h 18:12 27 Jul 2009

Thanks bjh, SATA support not a problem, the lappy is 6 years old!
Take your point re cost lol but just curious if the existing one would work, and what to expect if I try to book from either it, or a newly burned one.
Don't want to upset my existing system though!

  six-h 18:13 27 Jul 2009

or "boot" from it even!

  Batch 18:24 27 Jul 2009

I use TI V8 and I have a SATA HDD (the only HDD) on my desktop. TI works fine with this (including from the boot disk, which, by the way, I use for both my PCs without any problems).

If you boot from the CD, TI loads a Linux shell in which it runs. Windows isn't used (so product key is irrelevant). You get the same "effect" if you try to restore your active partition using TI from within Windows - it won't let you and asks if you want to re-boot. If you say yes, it re-boots into the same Linux shell (even without the boot disk).

Go on, try it. You know you want to.

It won't affect your system unless you try to do something (like a restore).

  Batch 18:31 27 Jul 2009

BTW, the Linux shell version is the same functions etc. with same screens etc.(but at a fixed resolution 'cos no fancy video drivers)

  six-h 18:41 27 Jul 2009

Thanks Batch, you're right!
I'll give it a go...after I've imaged my new install. lol
Never used TI for other than making images thankfully, but it's just curiosity, I'd like to know what to expect if I did!

  woodchip 23:21 27 Jul 2009

You do not need to load Acronis on the Hard Drive it will all work from the Boot CD. To create Images and Restore them

  six-h 23:27 27 Jul 2009

Thanks woodchip, didn't know that, but it' s already installed so no problems there.

  woodchip 23:32 27 Jul 2009

If you load it to the Hard Drive you can look inside a Image by double clicking it, this enables you to drag files from it. Acronis Loads it like a Virtual Disc So you need to unplug from the list when you have done with it. List Right Click the Virtual Drive

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