Acronis TI 11. Problems?

  Pineman100 19:14 02 Nov 2008

This quote is gleaned from another thread:

"...[use] True Image 2009 (version 12) - version 11's Startup Recovery is renowned for causing problems for a good percentage of users."

Can anyone expand on this statement, please? I use ATI 11 and it's got me a bit worried. Would my image fail if I had to do a full restore? It always validates successfully.

  Technotiger 19:16 02 Nov 2008

I also use True Image v11 - that earlier entry was referring to Version 12, so I am not at all bothered, just staying with V11.

  Pineman100 19:32 02 Nov 2008

I don't think so. If you read twoshots' post (click here) I think he's saying that v11 is the one causing problems.

  Technotiger 19:41 02 Nov 2008

Hmm, first time I have heard of this, absolutely no disrespect to twoshots, but I would need more than one persons opinion to suspect V11. If that really is the case, I would have expected it to have been mentioned on this forum before now - V11 has been running for some time.

  chub_tor 19:44 02 Nov 2008

I can't see what Twoshot's based his claim on that TI 11 Startup Recovery is renowned for causing problems. I have searched those terms with Google and only found one forum that mentioned it and only one person who had a problem with it. It's certainly not a problem in my admittedly limited experience.

  cocteau48 19:45 02 Nov 2008

It is very much horses for courses. If you have a look on the Acronis forum you will find that there is no overall praise for any one version. Different versions seem to be happier with different operating systems (although you will never get Acronis admitting to that)and there are many who are still sticking with TI 9 just because it works for them. From my own perspective I found that TI 10 worked OK on XP and not Vista but with TI 11 it was the other way round.
For what it is worth I think that TI 12 (2009) has,like so many software updates these days,become bloated with un-necessary bells and whistles.

  Spark6 19:45 02 Nov 2008

I've recently invested in version 11.0 and read the original post referred to. I am considering testing my cloned copy of this drive onto a new disc. Is this the way to go or is there another 'foolproof' method?

  Pine Man 19:50 02 Nov 2008

'customer reviews of Norton Ghost also show a similar level of dissappointment with it's performance. Much the same as the reviews for True Image'

Quote from a thread by Blitzer at click here

Certainly as far as this forum goes I have rarely heard anything other than praise for Acronis and I am bound to say I have been using it for years without a problem.

  Stonechatz 20:29 02 Nov 2008

Is this the edition of Acronis that lets you mount any disc-image (on any disc) at all?

  woodchip 21:31 02 Nov 2008

All I use is a Image and the Acronis Rescue CD that I made

  woodchip 21:32 02 Nov 2008

I use version 9. but this will work with them all if you just use the above to boot from then restore the Image

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