Acronis T I 9

  Lettervanman 13:16 28 Jan 2006

I have purchased this after glowing reports on this forum. I then updated to latest version from the web site.
Installation O.K.
Created Secure Zone O.K.
Then tried to back up some files to that zone,but it says access denied,and no back up is stored. I thought that was what the zone was for!
I must be doing something wrong but have tried several times.
Any ideas please?
Back later.

  PaulB2005 14:33 28 Jan 2006

I think thatb the Secure Zone is really only intended to backup disk images and not "some files"

As i'm still only on TI 8 i don't have the backup files and folders options which is new to TI 9.

  Pine Man 15:50 28 Jan 2006

I have have also just started using TI9 and it is a breath of fresh air after muddling along with the last three versions of ghost!

I am not sure about your problem with the secure zone but you should be able to archive data to it. I do my backups to a separate hard drive and the advice that I have had suggests its not worth bothering with a secure zone on a separate drive.

You will probably find any queries you have answered on the Acronis forum - click here - Good luck!

  Lettervanman 17:23 28 Jan 2006

May be correct about images, butI can't find that in help.

I did see a post saying that they were sticking with TI8,perhaps 9 is not bug free!

I have posted and searched Acronis forum with no reply as yet,I am bound to say that there are a lot of problems on that forum!

Will tick if solution is found.

  Lettervanman 20:31 29 Jan 2006

Just for info.
I deleted the secure zone yesterday and to-day created a new one. I have now been able to store files, and a complete image of hard drive in it.

I have no idea why it would not work before,but it does now!

Pine Man,what sort of hard drive are you using?
My secure zone would, of course, be of no use if the disc failed.
Some say that USB connected drives can cause corruption of the data.

  Pine Man 18:36 30 Jan 2006

I have two Maxtor internal drives. One is 80GB and the other is 120GB.

One is used for the operating system and the other used for storage of loads of stuff as well as the Aronis Image files.

The main reason for having two hard drives is to store the image files separatly as it is unlikely that both hard drives will go belly up at the same time! In addition when I used ghost I seem to remember that you couldn't back up images to the same drive as the operating system.

I do use a memory stick but that is not involved in the image backups.

  Lettervanman 19:49 30 Jan 2006

Internal drives would be the best and neatest.

For ease I was thinking of a USB external drive,but I have read that they may be a problem for backups as any blip would render the image unusable.

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