Acronis recovery problem

  Sapins 18:08 03 Jul 2010

I have just used Acronis to install a back up I created in June. I followed all the prompts carefully but it has gone drastically wrong. The computer will not boot, message reads windows could not start from selected boot disc. Check boot path and disc hardware. As it seemed to be booting from CD I changed bios to boot from hard drive, no luck. I tried safe mode to be confronted with Operating system is Windows XP Media Centre Edition, I had Windows XP from an upgrade CD from windows 98 SE.

I can't find the Acronis CD to boot from that so I am really stuck. It looks like a new install?

  Pineman100 18:38 03 Jul 2010

Acronis offers three ways for you to boot the computer.

You can press <F11> when prompted during boot-up (just after the BIOS screen and before Windows starts). This takes you into the boot procedure in the Acronis Secure Zone on your hard drive.

You can boot from the Acronis True Image software CD (that you say you've lost).

You can boot from an Acronis Rescue CD - if you made one.

If you have no access to any of these, then I'm afraid you appear to be up a blind alley.

Just one other thought: you say that you're getting a message that reads "Windows could not start from the selected boot disk". Could it be that you have, in fact, carried out a successful restore with Acronis, but that you have not set the BIOS to boot Windows from your C: drive?

  Sapins 09:05 04 Jul 2010

F11 won't work. I have tried to change the bios to boot from c drive, the only option is Boot from hard drive, this does not work. I have got a copy of Acronis on a pen drive but I cannot get the computer to boot from it, any ideas?

  Sapins 10:16 04 Jul 2010

I've just created a bootable disc from Acronis on my laptop, I'll try it this evening.

  gardener 14:18 04 Jul 2010

When you've create an Acronis image always do a 'validation' of the image as this will indicate whether it has been created properly.
I always put the image on an external HDD as I found that putting it on multiple CDs/DVDs rarely worked when wanting to restore from them.

  john bunyan 14:38 04 Jul 2010

I agree with gardener re validation. However I also had a problem when I tried an Acronis Restore from a validated image. Luckily I also had a clone on a slave drive, and that worked well.If you can afford it, a clone seems a good option to me, although you have to have a drive dedicated to the clone, unlike an image whch takes up far less space. I now do both on a regular basis to two seperate drives.

  woodchip 15:46 04 Jul 2010

It sounds like he used Backup not Image. I only use Image and its always worked for me

  Sapins 08:25 05 Jul 2010

SUCCESS. I used the Recovery CD I created and I have restored the computer. It was back to March and there were 20 critical updates and a couple of hundred e-mails but, I have saved all my data and programmes. I am now doing a new backup which I will validate and update regularly. I am grateful for all your help, much appreciated,



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