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Acronis and reading/ restoring RAID arrays

  anskyber 08:52 04 May 2006

As part of another thread on external hard drives the contributions included questions on whether Acronis would image and subsequently restore hard drives in a RAID array.I received the following reply from Acronis (by next day response, well done Acronis)

"When Acronis True Image is running under Windows, then it works with all the hard disk drivers detected by the operating system. If Acronis True Image is running in rescue mode (e.g. to restore the system partition), then the following RAID controllers are supported:

- P-ATA (IDE) RAID controllers (Promise, Highpoint)
- All levels (RAID 0,1,2,3,4,5) of most of SCSI RAID controllers (Adaptec, Dell, LSI and others)
- SATA RAID controllers (Highpoint, Intel, Promise, Silicon Image)

Some RAID controllers may be supported as well (the ones that have not been tested yet) and the others will be supported with the future updates."

I post this here for others who may wish to know given the increasing poularity of RAID arrays.

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