acronis queston

  premier man 17:13 20 Oct 2008

I am getting the Aconis 11 software,
And I am going to partition the OS seperate from My Documents etc
My question is where on the PC do I find the OS ??
Will Acronis find it ?

  rawprawn 17:29 20 Oct 2008

"I am going to partition the OS seperate "
You can partition your OS separately using something like Partition Magic or Acronis Disk Management, but first of all I would suggest you back up to an external HDD, because if your Hard drive goes belly up you will lose everything. Secondly Use Acronis Secure Zone rather than making your own partition on your HDD it is safer

  rawprawn 17:31 20 Oct 2008

Acronis Disk Management should read Acronis Disk Director Suite

  Diemmess 17:41 20 Oct 2008

If I understand what you are trying to do, this is a bit like putting the cart before the horse.

If you make a new partition it is a very good idea to use the new partition for data of all sorts. (You can make new folders in the partition for every sort of file)

Please don't complicate your life by trying to split up the operating system itself between drives. That way leads to tears!

For instance if you want My Documents on a drive which is not the default folder on "C:" you can choose to save anything which used to go into 'my docs' somewhere else on new drive "D:" and can move anything which is hanging around in My documents to a new home.

(I do this as routine and occsionally have to fish out something which has 'disappeared' into the my docs/pics/music etc. by default.)


When setting up for the first time some prefer to install their major applications on D: but once installed like that you cannot simply move them to D:
You would have to uninstall/reinstall to created the proper integration with the OS.

  premier man 17:43 20 Oct 2008

cheers for that
I have an external HD and was going to use that and partition it off
and I was hoping Acronis would do it for me ??
and would it find the OS for me
not sure what Im talking about!

  premier man 17:55 20 Oct 2008

Thanks for that
I was hoping to put my OS into one partition
and everything else into another or am I being too hopeful
this is all new to me, which was why I was hoping acronis would do it for me

  rawprawn 18:06 20 Oct 2008

Just backup your computer to your external drive, that's all you need to do. There is no point in making things more complicated than nessesary.
Make a New File if you want called Acronis on your external drive and backup to there,

  Diemmess 19:38 20 Oct 2008

When installing the Op. system for the first time some then prefer to install their major applications on D: so as to keep the operating system drive as lean as possible.

Once your applications are installed conventionally on C: you cannot simply move them to D:

You would have to uninstall/reinstall them to make a proper integration with the OS.

  premier man 09:57 21 Oct 2008

Good morning guys
thank you both for your help
I will do as you say and backup my computer to my external HD
appreciate your help

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