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  john bunyan 12:15 19 Dec 2009

Now on W7,have master (partitioned C: system, F:data) and slave drives plus external HD.Maybe OTT but, weekly I run anti vivus and malware scans on my primary drive, defrag it then using ATI 2010 clone it to the slave drive then create verfied images of each partition on the external HD. I mainly use the PC for music and photography and so far all is on the data drive. For ease of access I also make a copy of "My Documents" (ie music etc on the external HD and delete the previous copy. Is there an easier way to do this last bit ie using last week's external HD copy, merely add or subtract this week's version of "My documents" from the C: drive? I would prefer to use ATI but think there is other software just for this.

  john bunyan 12:17 19 Dec 2009

sorry should have said copy "my Docs" from the F: drive (C is system only)

  Pamy 12:25 19 Dec 2009

Why not just copy(drag and drop) the latest pictures, no nead to use other software?

  john bunyan 12:33 19 Dec 2009

Could do, but sometimes I have deleted files, or added quite a lot. I suppose I could do a search for files modified after a certain date but it would not find deleted stuff.
I hoped there was a comparision programme that matched the new "My docs " folder on the external HD to the one on the F: drive, rather like a mini RAID system.

  Pamy 12:39 19 Dec 2009

If you have deleted files then prosumably you did not want them. All the new files you have added can be highlighted and transferd in one operation.

  john bunyan 12:45 19 Dec 2009

Yes but the deleted old files from the master F: drive will be on the old copy on the external HD and I dont keep a note of them. That is why I just copy the whole lot and delete the previous back up version.

  Pamy 12:48 19 Dec 2009

Not sure why you delete old files , just keep transfering new ones to the external drive ie, just keep putting new stuff on it (adding to it, no nead to keep deleting)

  john bunyan 12:59 19 Dec 2009

I do not want to accumulate , for example, old duplicate photos on my extenal HD, . If they are on there now from last week , then I work on the C: drive and decide to delete the file, its copy will still be on the (last week's) external HD version of "My docs". I would have to remember and manually delete them again from the external HD version.

  Pamy 13:06 19 Dec 2009

I am still not understanding what you are trying to do or why, so will leave it to others to advise you, sorry for being so thick.

  john bunyan 17:04 20 Dec 2009

All I want to do is to find a simple way of copying "My documents" folder on a weekly basis to an external HD by only adding new files and ensuring files deleted on the internal drive are removed to / from the "old" external copy so as to keep my "My Documents" folder the same on the internal and external drives. This is in addition to a formal Acronis "image".

  MIke 17:18 20 Dec 2009

Try Allway Synch click here

The source folder will be your docs on your internal drive and destination will be folder on your external drive. Set synch for one direction only source to destination and ensure propagate deletions is ticked. You can then set up whatever schedule u like.
Allway synch is free for limited personal use. I know MS does it's own synch software and I guess it would have similar options though I've not tried it.

I don't think you can do what you want with TI. You can set up a file backup and do incremnental backups on a schedule but the original file is always there with your unwnted stuff intact, until you do a new full backup and delete the original backup.

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