acronis query

  TheJam 09:41 11 May 2007

we have 2 laptops and 2 pcs in the household
if i purchased a large enough external drive would it be possible to create an image of each individual pc
on the one hard drive?

  TheJam 12:39 11 May 2007


  iscanut 12:44 11 May 2007

As the software would need to be installed on each of the 4 machines, I would presume that you would infringe the software licence agreement. I am no expert, but to do it legally, youuld need 4 licences ! Anyone feel otherwise ? As far as the external drive is concerned, as long it had enough Gigabytes then I do not see why it should not be possible subject to the above caveat.

  Eric10 13:13 11 May 2007

You could install Acronis on 1 PC and make a rescue CD. You can then boot the other computers from the rescue CD and create their images using that. Since the software is only installed on one PC then I don't think you will be infringing the licence.
So long as you use different names for each of your images or put them into separate folders then you can store as many as will fit on your external drive.

  Pine Man 13:19 11 May 2007

No problem at all doing this as far as putting four different images on one drive is concerned as long as you gave them very clear names to avoid problems at times of reinstallation!

As far as putting the software on 4 machines that would be a matter for your conscience although you certainly could do it in theory.

  Pine Man 13:25 11 May 2007

I was typing my response while you were posting yours!

I don't think you can use a rescue CD to create an image. From memory all it would do is allow you to restore an image from another location.

In any event I think you are splitting hairs because basically a rescue CD still contains all of the Acronis software and to make it work it is installed (temporarily) in RAM.

  TheJam 13:35 11 May 2007

ok thanks for replies

im just in planning stage at the moment

ive sent acronis an email to see if im allowed to install on more than one machine in a domestic residence.
I just wanted clarification that i could have four images on the ext drive,

Thanks for clearing that up.

  stylehurst 14:08 11 May 2007

The Jam
I do exactly what you are asking about, namely store images from different machines on an external HDD. I would strongly suggest that you partition your external HDD so you have a separate partition for each machine.

  TheJam 15:25 11 May 2007

Thanks stylehurst,
what software do i need to partition

  Eric10 15:39 11 May 2007

I've been out for a few hours so have only just seen your post. I've just booted a PC from my Acronis Rescue CD and Backup is the first option on the menu.

  stylehurst 17:04 11 May 2007

The Jam
You can partition with the Windows software (FDisk if I remember correctly) personally I prefer the Acronis program Partition Expert, but there is Partion Magic & sundry others.

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