Acronis and new build

  staples printer cartridge 19:08 22 Jun 2007

After a recent death in the computer I am faced with rebuilding my machine with new PSU, mobo and CPU; everything else is the same and I have my drives backed up with True Image 10. Once I have got the pc connected up will the drives just pick up where they left off, ie can I install my HDD from my last pc with the new mobo etc?

  James1947 19:12 22 Jun 2007

I doubt it very much. With that amount of new hardware a reformat and re-install seems inevitable.

  Technotiger 19:13 22 Jun 2007

If you had Cloned the old drive with Acronis, then yes everything should work on the 'new' pc, because that is what Cloning is for, i.e. 'moving' a drive from one pc to another. A normal backup with Acronis I am not so sure about.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:19 22 Jun 2007

Drivers for old motherboard will cause a crash.

See if it will boot in safemode on first bootup and
Drivers to disable BEFORE changing motherboard
click here

remove drivers reboot into normal and load new drivers.
redo your image.

  staples printer cartridge 19:21 22 Jun 2007

Thanks for ther link but the old mobo is dead I'm afraid. Will I be able to retrieve any data from my images?

  Technotiger 19:29 22 Jun 2007

To retrieve any data from old drive(s) add as Slave drive or put into a USB Enclosure.

  staples printer cartridge 19:39 22 Jun 2007

Technotiger, not sure about this or that I made myself totally clear so excuse me if I'm being dense! I have an image of my HDD on an external HDD, as it is an image can I not retrieve the data from this? The problem with your solution is that I was not intending on replacing my HDD and therefore cannot set them up as slaves.

Here's a thought if you wouldn't mind ventruing an opinion though - my curent set up (PSU died, killed mobo and not sure what else yet) had two SATA drives in RAID 0 as master and an IDE drive which was used for photo/music storage. I have both backed up separately with True Image on the external. So if I can't get data from my external for the OS, could I put my IDE slave in as the master and do a clean reinsatll, have the SATA drives installed as slaves (not sure if this would work with being in RAID), retrieve data, swap the discs and then put my old slave image back onto the IDE?

Does that make sense?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:43 22 Jun 2007

Plug in old drive and boot into safemode (if it will)

Uninstall drivers for motherboard, lan, onboard graphics (if fitted) usb etc.
Reboot to norrmal mode let XP find and install new hardware.

  staples printer cartridge 19:45 22 Jun 2007

Fruit Bat /\0/\, you mean once I have installed the new hardware?

  Technotiger 19:47 22 Jun 2007

Sorry friend, I was not thinking straight, when you mentioned image, guess what I thought...image as in jpg :-( doh!

I too have Acronis, but I have never tried to access any of my images. But if I remember correctly Acronis says that one can view data in an image.

What you say does make sense, but I am not techie enough to give you an opinion.

  staples printer cartridge 19:51 22 Jun 2007

Technotiger - ok thanks.

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