Acronis, is it this simple?

  exdragon 23:11 16 Jan 2005

Or am I missing something? I've just installed v8.0 and have backed up to an external hard drive. I only ask if I'm missing something because before I bought this, I looked at the Norton Ghost book and didn't understand a word.

I've verified the copy & it says it's ok, so is that it? Now I just schedule an incremental back up on a regular basis?

  Technotiger 23:40 16 Jan 2005

Hi, I have not used it, but I do believe Acronis is the best/simplest, according to reports I have read here.


  Djohn 00:52 17 Jan 2005

Sounds right but like Technotiger, I've not used it. I use D I 7 [Drive image 7] and I think they are pretty much the same. The important thing is that you do an image of your drive and not just a copy, doing an image will backup everything on your drive so that if the system goes down then a quick restore is all that is required and your back to where you was just prior to going down, complete with all your applications/data and settings. Yes, just do an incremental back up to the drive on a regular basis.

  €dstowe 09:06 17 Jan 2005

I'm a convert from DI 7 to Acronis. DI 7 was easy to use, Acronis is even easier.

  rawprawn 09:56 17 Jan 2005

Yep, that's it. It's saved my bacon several times using the Secure Zone (I use Acronis Tue Image 7)

  exdragon 11:31 17 Jan 2005

I've never had a disaster yet, fingers crossed, but I guess it can't last forever...

  Peter 12:17 17 Jan 2005


Whichever programme you use to perform a backup, it is always best to also perform a test restore. This will prove that the backup works and also make you familiar with how to restore your backup.

You don't need to find out that you don't know how to restore your backup when your hard drive has just failed.

Obviously you need to test restore your backup to a different partition/hard drive and not over the one you are using.


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