Acronis Imaging

  griffo 09:41 01 May 2006

I am trialling Acronis 9.1 Workstation and wish to create full images of 3 desktop PC's plus my Laptop, for disaster recovery purposes, using a LaCie 250GB USB HDD.

I have managed to do an image of my Laptop (and presume it's OK, took about 90 minutes). However, I am now wishing to do the first of the desktop PC's on my LAN and Acronis isn't seeing it (them). Do I need to do something else to allow this function?

  Pine Man 12:28 01 May 2006

I also use TI9 but not through a LAN so I can't help.

Have you tried the TI forum found at click here

They have helped me a lot in the past and are frequently monitored by Acronis staff who also offer help from time to time.

  alan227 12:36 01 May 2006

Your laCie is an external hard drive so why not just plug it into each computer individually.
Have you checked your firewall to see if it is blocking the transfers.

  griffo 12:45 01 May 2006

Pine Man - thanks, I have posed the question on there as well, but no response so far.

alan227 - the reason is that the TI9 software is installed on my Laptop. I think I would have to install it on each PC to do as you suggest?

I don't normally have any problems swapping files/folders between the PC's, do you think ther's something specific that could affect TI?

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