Acronis and image file transfer

  User-312386 11:53 27 Sep 2008

Just a quick question folks

If i take a complete image of my 500GB (only 20GB used)hard drive can i then transfer the image over to my new 74GB Raptor drive?

Thannks in advance guys

  rawprawn 12:53 27 Sep 2008

If you mean 740GB,Yes use Clone Disk

  mgmcc 13:17 27 Sep 2008

You can also restore an Acronis "image" file to a different hard drive.

  User-312386 13:18 27 Sep 2008

Yes its a 74GB Raptor 10,000 RPM

  bjh 13:22 27 Sep 2008

Yes! Yes, you can put the 500GB image on the smaller 74GB Raptor. Depending on the version of Acronis, you should be offered the "image resize" option, or it'll detect the need automatically.

You can also image the files, not the disk, and it'll do the same.

Expanding the image may take longer if size is changed - up to three times as long in some cases I've found, so don't be deterred if it is slow.

So long as the actual used portion is smaller than the new drive, it'll work. Good old Acronis!!

  User-312386 13:26 27 Sep 2008

Many thanks for that

Its Acronis True Image Home 10

I make back ups all the time and when things go wrong i just re-image an old one onto my 500GB drive. Now i have the 74GB raptor i didnt want to go throught the rigmoral of having to install windows again.

So its a big yes then from you guys?

  bjh 15:57 28 Sep 2008

A big to small yes, yes it is! :0)

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