ACRONIS Help to restore from full backup

  eddiejackr 09:40 29 Oct 2007

Had to have OS (XP) re-installed on hard drive and so now I want to get the PC back to same configuration as before this was done. My understanding from reading in this forum was that I would be able to do this with Acronis.

I have a very recent full back up done with Acronis TI 9.0. This backup consists of 19 .tib files and amounts to 74.5 GB. This backup is on an external HD, but this also contains other folders that don't need to be copied across to PC - but it is vital I don't lose these.

Is anyone willing to talk me through this as I'm scared to start?!!! I am not very knowledgable on this stuff and I don't really understand partitions etc. I have the original Acronis paid for disc but no other disc made by myself (as I have seen referred to in some of the postings). I simply thought I was OK doing full backup to HD.

Grateful for help.

  Confab 23:06 31 Oct 2007

Just to clarify

Unplug your external drive

Put your Acronis Boot disk (the disk YOU have created) into your cd drive and restart you PC.

Once booted select the Acronis full version and wait.

Plug in and switch on your external drive (the one with the tib files on it)

Hopefully both your mouse and external drive will now work

Select the Recovery option.

  eddiejackr 23:22 31 Oct 2007

It still jumped to clone wizard - but after cancel/operations/recovery were selected it shows all the drives but the mouse is yellow not white and can be moved only up and down vertically - so can't select the drive. (there was a beep after selected next before the drives came up).

It would allow me to select with the mouse - by m,oving only vertically down! - the file name field. The file type field shows .tib.

  woodchip 23:26 31 Oct 2007

You have to navigate to the Backup tib files on the left after you click on the drive + sign where they are stored

  Confab 23:29 31 Oct 2007

You've now got to somehow select the drive and folder where your back-up tib files are kept. Can you do this?

  eddiejackr 23:29 31 Oct 2007

How? Mouse won't do it. Is there a keyboard way...?

  eddiejackr 23:31 31 Oct 2007

got to bow out for now, but will pick up thread tomorrow. Thanks for your time.

  Confab 23:31 31 Oct 2007

Try the arrow keys

  Confab 23:32 31 Oct 2007


  woodchip 23:39 31 Oct 2007

Yes as above Keyboard and enter you may need to use the Space bare to Expand the + also The key that cycles through buttons I forget the name, it as two arrows on it just above caps Lock

  keef66 09:41 01 Nov 2007


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