ACRONIS Help to restore from full backup

  eddiejackr 09:40 29 Oct 2007

Had to have OS (XP) re-installed on hard drive and so now I want to get the PC back to same configuration as before this was done. My understanding from reading in this forum was that I would be able to do this with Acronis.

I have a very recent full back up done with Acronis TI 9.0. This backup consists of 19 .tib files and amounts to 74.5 GB. This backup is on an external HD, but this also contains other folders that don't need to be copied across to PC - but it is vital I don't lose these.

Is anyone willing to talk me through this as I'm scared to start?!!! I am not very knowledgable on this stuff and I don't really understand partitions etc. I have the original Acronis paid for disc but no other disc made by myself (as I have seen referred to in some of the postings). I simply thought I was OK doing full backup to HD.

Grateful for help.

  DieSse 16:30 29 Oct 2007

Can you explain again exactly what you are trying to restore - I'm getting confused.

When can't you just copy across the contents of the mounted images (except for the OS partition of course)?

Why don't you just do a total restore of everything (which is done outside Windows, so cannot have an unlocked partition)?

Have you made a Recovery CD?

  HCOOH 16:31 29 Oct 2007

You cannot recover with Windows running you need to boot without going into Windows.

  DieSse 16:32 29 Oct 2007

PS - Why have you got 19 .tib files - are they for different partitions, different dates, or a mixture - or what?

  HCOOH 16:40 29 Oct 2007

I only have TI8 but when making a backup I am given the choice of using the "recovery manager" or not. I never use this but I wonder if you chose this option and you might possibly be able to use it.

  keef66 16:41 29 Oct 2007

You can end up with lots of *.tib files if you do incremental or differential backups. Can be hard keeping tabs on which belong to which full backup.

  Pamy 17:00 29 Oct 2007

eddiejackr, can we do one thing at a time?

Have you installed Acronis on your HDD?

  woodchip 17:27 29 Oct 2007

Read my post above, He ir running on Fat32 Acronis as to split the Image as Fat32 only supports files of 4Gb. NTFS will allow one full File over 4Gb Image but it should still Restore If he new how to use Acronis. You have to point it at the last File when it creates it like the above

  eddiejackr 20:40 29 Oct 2007

Pamy - yes please - I'm going round in circles!! So - yes - Acronis is installed on the HDD.....

HCOOH - yes I've tried with boot disc - same happens as per my 16.13 posting - I get option to clone but the recovery option seems inactive in the menu screen.

DieSse - I'm trying to restore everything - it's not working - that's the problem. I've tried inside/outside windows. I'm trying to restore a full system backup created before the PC crashed at a time when the PC was running without problems. A recovery CD? I've tried from boot CD if that's wahat you mean. As per woodchip - the 19 files were automatically created by Acronis.

  woodchip 21:10 29 Oct 2007

It looks like Back and create a Image may be two different things. I create a Image not backup. So that { Can Restore Computer in such an event as this

  woodchip 21:12 29 Oct 2007

Only thing I can think is, What about Running the Computer Backup Restore that you got with PC, then load your Backup over it

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