ACRONIS Help to restore from full backup

  eddiejackr 09:40 29 Oct 2007

Had to have OS (XP) re-installed on hard drive and so now I want to get the PC back to same configuration as before this was done. My understanding from reading in this forum was that I would be able to do this with Acronis.

I have a very recent full back up done with Acronis TI 9.0. This backup consists of 19 .tib files and amounts to 74.5 GB. This backup is on an external HD, but this also contains other folders that don't need to be copied across to PC - but it is vital I don't lose these.

Is anyone willing to talk me through this as I'm scared to start?!!! I am not very knowledgable on this stuff and I don't really understand partitions etc. I have the original Acronis paid for disc but no other disc made by myself (as I have seen referred to in some of the postings). I simply thought I was OK doing full backup to HD.

Grateful for help.

  DieSse 09:44 29 Oct 2007

er - how about the User Manual in Acronis - it's very clear and easy to understand. It's under Help in the program.

  Technotiger 09:52 29 Oct 2007

I have Acronis backup, but have never had to use it in anger, as the saying goes. You say you have the original Acronis CD, good - just run the CD and follow the on-screen instructions. The Acronis disc is the 'startup disc' for the backup Restore process.

  HCOOH 09:55 29 Oct 2007

Trouble is we don't know what options you chose when making the backup.

  rawprawn 09:59 29 Oct 2007

Why not just do a full Restore from the external drive, and then delete the folders you don't want from your new drive, the originals will be untouched on your external drive.

  Technotiger 10:04 29 Oct 2007

HCOOH - Hi, I don't think it makes any difference what options were chosen - a recent Full Backup, whether it included the External drive or not, will not cause any loss of data on the External drive.

  Technotiger 10:05 29 Oct 2007

I must learn to type quicker :-)

  woodchip 10:11 29 Oct 2007

If the Backup checked out as OK when you made it You can either start restore through Windows by double click the last Acronis file at the bottom of the list or if you have loaded Acronis and made a Rescue CD then just start with it and do a restore as above. If it made lots of Tib files it as created them on a Fat32 Partition as 4Gb is the limit on file size

  eddiejackr 11:15 29 Oct 2007

read manual and many postings already... or wouldn't have posted my thred

Acronis is installed. If I use the acronis disc it just gives me option to install/uninstall/quit.

All settings for backup were dafault settings.

If I follow thro the restore partition option it says partition cannot be locked and recommends allowing acronis to reboot - when i do this it takes me into a clone wizard - I don't want to clone - do I?

If I open the last file using windows it takes me to Acronis and same options as I've already tried above...

  Probabilitydrive 11:23 29 Oct 2007

I recently re-installed Vista from an Acronis (external HDD) image.

Create a bootable disc (instructions on how in Acronis Help files),on start-up press'delete' to boot from this disc and a wizard takes you through the stages of installing your OS.

It took 6 hours !!! to install Vista from my external HDD. be prepared to wait.

  DieSse 12:06 29 Oct 2007

"read manual and many postings already... or wouldn't have posted my thred"

I'm sorry but there's no way of knowing that from what you initially posted - why not simply make a full explanation in the first place?

The normal routine is to create the special boot/restore CD (which you should have done when you installed Acronis) - then boot with that CD and follow the instructions. I've done several restores for clients this way.

I've never had an original Acronis CD (always bought via download) - so I don't know if your version could use the install CD as the emergency CD.

If you've re-installed XP and simply want to replace some of the other partitions, then you should be able to mount and open the partitions you want from the backup, and copy the data across.

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