Acronis Help please

  xania 18:06 31 May 2010

I have taken an Acronis c:\ drive image of a friends PC which I have stored on an external HHD as his PC DVD drive was not working. Size of image some 6.7 GB. Is it possible to burn this image onto a couple of DVD's for him to store permanently? I cannot see how to do this with Acronis, and Winzip does not seem to want to know.

Any ideas?

  woodchip 18:55 31 May 2010

You should have chosen Advanced when Creating Image and then choose the size of Image files to store on DVD. saving these to ex drive then burn them to dvd

  xania 19:12 31 May 2010

OK, thanks for that. I'm new to this software so very willing to learn.

  xania 17:46 03 Jun 2010

Unfortunately, my version of Acronis does not have this feature. I'm using Acronis True Image Personal 8.0. Perhaps I should upgrade?

  rawprawn 17:54 03 Jun 2010

Try this I don't know if it works, but worth a try
click here

  Batch 20:00 03 Jun 2010

With Acronis True Image 8 (which I use), when creating image it ask whether you want the image size to be automatic (in which case you just get a a singel file the size of the immage) or fixed size. In the fixed size case you then specify the size of the image file(s) [suggest you use, say, 1.8GB]and it will create as many files as it needs to store the image. Then you can burn sets of two files to separate DVDs in turn.

  xania 20:17 04 Jun 2010

That's very helpful Batch. I did see that when I started the image - now I know what to do.

  Batch 23:01 04 Jun 2010

BTW, the reason I suggest 1.8GB is that there is a limit of 2GB for file sizes used on DVDs (and 2GB can be interpreted in different ways, so I suggested 1.8GB to be on the safe side).

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