Acronis Disk Director 10

  m800afc 12:54 24 May 2009

Windows XP Pro SP3; ASRock 775VM800; Pentium 4; 3GHz; 2Gb RAM
Once again an Acronis product is failing me badly.
My system drive is partitioned to C: system, and D: Data. I wish to take space from D to increase space on C. Acronis goes through the motions, including a restart, but does not actually do anything at all. Yes, I have pressed the commit button!
I have tried using the Acronis boot disk to boot into DD10, which it does. Having chosen the disk I want to increase space on DD10 will not allow me to select D as the disc I want to take space form, even though D is the only disc I can select.
So either way, it does not do what is says it can do.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  Peter 13:17 24 May 2009


Have you tried clearing out any temporary files, and any other file you can dispose of or copy elsewhere, and then defragging both c: & D: Drives?


  woodchip 13:28 24 May 2009

Did you first shrink the C:\ then commit? then expand the D:\ to take up free space and commit

  m800afc 16:33 24 May 2009

I defragged both partitions before trying to use DD10.
DD10 does not actually do anything. I have tried to shrink D: commit, increase C: commit, both manually and automatically. I have tried reinstalling DD10 and then starting again. In each and every case, having committed to the action, the computer has restarted, has then appeared to go through the actions, but does not actually do anything.

  PO79 17:47 24 May 2009

Do you have any external USB drives attached. If so turn them off and it will work.

  m800afc 18:20 24 May 2009

All my external drives were disconnected and fully isolated before attempting to use DD10.

Immediately after my last post the thought occurred to try the procedure in safe mode. I set everything up and committed. Eventually a blank progress screen appeared. After 30 mins, a single green block appeared onthe progress bar together with the message "Five hours remaining" I am trying to increase C: from 65Gb to 77Gb, a 12Gb increase. I will not know for a few hours whether or not it has worked, but it seems an inordinate amount of time to perform a very basic task.
It's a good job I have a laptop!!!

  PO79 18:54 24 May 2009

Do you have an internal card reader on your machine. If so disable it in device manager and retry, also if your printer has a card reader that creates a removable drive, turn your printer off first.

  woodchip 19:09 24 May 2009

you need to shrink D:/ first and commit then restart to see if it works

  chub_tor 19:14 24 May 2009

I used DD10 for the first time ever yesterday and it worked flawlessly and quickly. I have a 500Gb hard drive which was split into two equal partitions one with XP and one with Vista. The Vista partition was pretty full and the XP had lots of space that I needed to use.

I installed DD10 onto the XP partition (DD10 does not work with Vista), started it up without even reading the Help instructions, told it I wanted to decrease the XP partition by 150Gb and increase the Vista partition by the same amount clicked on commit and away it went. There were a few heart stopping moments as DD10 went to work and I think a couple of reboots were required but I was up and running within 30 minutes with a huge gain to my Vista partition and it has been stable ever since.

Incidentally I do have an internal card reader and I did not disable it and in fact never gave it a thought and similarly with the card reader in the printer.

  PO79 19:28 24 May 2009

Your were indeed fortunate. It won't work on mine unless I turn off the external HD's. Info on internal card readers came from Acronis FAQ's click here Printer info was an afterthought from me as some have internal card readers.

  PO79 19:31 24 May 2009

According to Acronis it will work with Vista, although we both know different, also it does not support dynamic disks, only basic.

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