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  Shikaree 19:18 08 Sep 2009

Hi Folks,

I'm intending to purchase Acronis Disc Director 10 from Acronis Website. It's so much cheaper. Once it's downloaded will I be able to transfer it to a CD to be kept safe incase my hard drive fails ever. Is it legal to do that.



  cocteau48 19:25 08 Sep 2009

simple answer..... Yes!

  GaT7 19:35 08 Sep 2009

There are some free alternatives that are very good & more than enough for most users - have you tried them?

An example is EASEUS Partition Master click here. G

  Shikaree 19:55 08 Sep 2009

cocteau48 - Thanks. That's great.

Crossbow7 - Thanks. I'll download and try. Will be a saving.

  Shikaree 16:27 09 Sep 2009

Hi Crossbow7 - I have downloaded EASEUS Partition Master. It's a ZIP File. Can I make my New Hard Drive SLAVE and do the Partition to it. OR will it be better to have it as MASTER to Partition.

Have you used EASEUS Partition Master before.

Please let me know


  GaT7 16:59 09 Sep 2009

Hi Shikaree, you don't need specialised partitioning software for what you're trying to achieve. When you initially asked about Acronis DD, I thought you were going to carry out a few more complex tasks than what you now mention.

Simply connect the new drive, then format & partition it using Windows' own tools in Disk Management.

If you use IDE drives, then you'll need to connect the cables accordingly, &/or set the physical jumpers correctly.

If you'd like to try out Easeus PM, you'll need to unzip the file before installing. No, I've not tried it yet, but it looks suspiciously similar to a similar free Paragon program that I've used many times. G

  Shikaree 17:31 09 Sep 2009

Hi Crossbow7 - I used Windows Computer Management to Format my New Hard Drive. However, when I went back to Windows Management it does not have that facility after Formatting. I did do A normal Primary Partition. That usually takes a very small portion of the hard drive. I want to do Extended/Logical Drive (New Volume).

On this hard drive I'm writing from has one of these Partitions. An Internet Friend helped me do it over the phone about 3/4 years ago. I just can't remember what process he used to instruct me over the phone to do it. This hard drive had a lot on it including all my Personal Data. He helped me transfer all my Personal Data to 'G' Drive which is within 'C'. Yes I have extracted all the files from the ZIP.



  GaT7 17:45 09 Sep 2009

If you haven't yet copied any data to your new hard drive, delete the entire partition you created & start afresh.

Second time around, when you create the initial Primary partition, specify the size you need it. Then format it.

Next, right-click on the remaining unpartitioned space & chose Extended Partition (EP) this time. You can further divide this into Logical Drives (LD) if you wish.

Btw, the first partition has to be 'Primary', then you can create the EP & LDs.

click here & click here if you get stuck.

I would advise against using any third-party partitioning tool just now. Windows' own couldn't be simpler to use. G

  GaT7 17:48 09 Sep 2009

"Next, right-click on the remaining unpartitioned space, choosing 'New Partition' & follow the wizard, choosing Extended Partition (EP) this time."


  Shikaree 18:24 09 Sep 2009

Crossbow7 - Thanks for coming back with all the info.

No, I have no personal Data on this hard drive. Just a few Programs which I can put back again.

Just for your information I have another Thread - A Disk Read Error Occurred - it's somewhere in the middle of Page 2 - Forums - Helproom.

On this New Hard Drive I have "A Disk Read Error Occurred."

I have just installed New Windows XP Pro on this new drive. So I will have to reinstall Windows XP again. With that I'll have to start afresh again.

I hope Microsoft will allow me.

  GaT7 18:55 09 Sep 2009

Right, I see it click here. Your BIOS may need updating - I've posted in that thread regarding this.

But try Powhammer's solution first in this thread click here. G

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