Acronis copy to DVD problem.

  Miros 18:54 25 Jun 2007

I have just installed Acronis True Image 7. I made a bootable CD no problem ( didn't test it wouldn't know how) Then attempted to make an Image of my Hard drive requiring four DVD's.

It rejected the first three, saying the disc's were either full or of poor quality.

The first two were brand new TDK DVR-R Data/Video disks. The next I tried was a brand new Verbatim DVD-R again received the same message. At this point I gave up.

Does anyone have any idea what is going wrong please?

  skidzy 19:01 25 Jun 2007

From experience with TI 7 and many disgruntled users via Google,i found TI 7 pretty useless (free download version).Since then i have bought TI 10 from Amazon,about £24.00 delivered and so far so good.

Though i havnt had to use my images yet. :-))

Have you thought of an external harddrive Miros ?

  Pine Man 19:09 25 Jun 2007

Early versions of T1 couldn't cope with DVD's. Version 10 certainly works ok and I am pretty sure the later versions of version 9 worked as well.

An external drive is best but I have used an additional internal drive for years without a problem and they are a lot cheaper!

  skidzy 19:17 25 Jun 2007

If you are backing up your whole system Miros to dvd,this will only take one faulty/damaged disc to ruin your backup.

I would urge you to invest in an external drive that can take mutiple images that Acronis creates.
Thus if one bad backup you would have another.
Doing this to dvd's would be the most expensive route and probably not the safest.

Just an idea of External drives click here

Acronis TI 10 from Amazon (cheapest about) click here

  Miros 19:31 25 Jun 2007

Thanks for quick response.

Yes I have an external hard drive, but though if that goes kaput I'll be up the creek without a paddle, hence the DVD avenue.

So the external HD would have been my next option especially now I have your recommendations.

Got to go out for a short while but would welcome any further advice. Cheers.

  Miros 19:32 25 Jun 2007

Thought not though ( me dum dum):-)

  Miros 22:38 25 Jun 2007

Just finished copying my hard drive to my external drive. So far so good.

I note that there are about five parts in total. Currently I am verifying them individually I suppose as it will take some time, (the first is set to run 20 minutes).

Could you or anyone tell me, will I be able to copy these one by one to a DVD? Or is it not even worth bothering about?

  skidzy 23:05 25 Jun 2007

If me:

Dont bother trying to copy the backup to dvd,you may end up with a corrupt backup.

If you have enough space on the external harddrive,create another image and name it differently to the current one.

Dont forget to create a rescue boot media disk.

My memory is vague with TI7 and going from TI10.

To test your rescue boot disc.
Insert the disc.
Restart the pc
You should if i remember correctly be in the Acronis secure zone that will let you access the backup you have on the External harddrive.

Maybe slightly wrong,but im sure its something like that.

  skidzy 23:16 25 Jun 2007

I should add,as i have the bought version of TI 10 on Disc i do not need the boot disc as this is also the boot disc.
Though is recommended to create another bootable rescue media incase of any damage to the original disc.

  Miros 23:17 25 Jun 2007

First thing I did was create the Rescue boot disc, so that's done OK.

I do have enough spare space on my external HD so I'll do as you suggest and also name it differently.

Getting a bit late now so will do the testing of rescue disc tomorrow plus the other copy to HD.

By the way the verifacation of the copy was A OK :-) Cheers again, and thanks for your help.

  Miros 10:19 26 Jun 2007

I left the Rescue disc in PC then shut down, restarted, the PC started as normal!

I guess the only way you can really test the rescue disc is if the PC will not boot up in the normal way?

I Left this procedure till today as wasn't sure what may have happened like if things went wrong, in this case nothing happened:-)

Does anyone else know how to test or verify the validity of the rescue disc I wonder?

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