Acronis backup problem

  Ray5776 19:23 30 Dec 2007

Hi everyone,
Just used Acronis to clone C to E as a backup.
Had to reboot as instructed but now the machine cannot see the E drive, any clues please.

  Pine Man 19:30 30 Dec 2007

I am only guessing but if you cloned your C drive to your E drive you have probably got two C drives now!

You shouldn't use cloning to do a back up just do s straight forward full back up.

  Ray5776 20:33 30 Dec 2007

This is an Aconis option, so I thought it would be safe but now I can`t see the E drive at all.
I can see what you mean about creating 2 C drives
which could be useful if one fails, I think that is the idea.
Can anyone tell me how to recover what was the E drive before I cloned it, don`t need the data just
want to reuse the drive.


  Ray5776 21:46 30 Dec 2007


  lotvic 21:58 30 Dec 2007

Download the free utility from your hard drive manufacturers website and put onto floppy.

first check that your (proper) C drive is working ok.
disconnect the 'was E' drive and make sure pc is booting up and Windows working okay

Now (with pc switched off):
disconnect your (proper) C drive and replace with 'was E' drive, adjusting jumper as necessary.

In BIOS make boot from floppy 1st choice
use manufacturers prog on floppy to wipe drive and start afresh.

  bluto1 22:10 30 Dec 2007

If all that fails would a System Restore work?

  lotvic 22:15 30 Dec 2007

shouldn't think so, you have done a clone drive with Acronis, not Windows System.

  Ray5776 22:24 30 Dec 2007

Tried system restore no good.
Lotvic yes clone drive with Acronis.

  woodchip 22:30 30 Dec 2007

You should have created a Image. Not clone.

  Ray5776 22:45 30 Dec 2007

Woodchip, in hindsight yes, but I was given the clone option, from Acronis and would expect it to work

  Ray5776 22:58 30 Dec 2007

I have cloned the C drive onto an external drive in a USB caddy drive E,now drive E is no longer seen


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