Acronis back up question

  hiwatt 09:58 30 Nov 2011

Morning folks. I've done a complete back up of my c drive with Acronis true image!My c drive is 76.3gb(it's an 80 gb drive)with 38.3gb used space yet the complete Acronis back up is only 35.5gb?Is this because of the compression method used?P.s the compression was set to normal!Thanks!

  compumac 10:06 30 Nov 2011

My 'C' drive used space is 61GB My Acronis image is 42GB. So pro rata it is about right.

  compumac 10:10 30 Nov 2011

perhaps not quite pro rata but yes anyway

  compumac 10:13 30 Nov 2011

Should have added my compression is set to normal.

  Batch 15:19 30 Nov 2011

Partly the compression, but also partly because Acronis does not (to my knowledge) include your page file or hibernate file in the image (as they don't contain any meaningful data for the purposes of an image). Acronis just records the page and hibernate file details (e.g. size and location) in the image and then recreates them on a restore.

  Batch 15:22 30 Nov 2011

BTW, for contrast, my C partition (basically WinXP Pro & Programs) is 12GB, 5.6GB used and image is approx 3GB. My page file is 0.75GB and no hibernate file. Image takes around 3 mins to create / restore.

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