Acronis back up problem.

  Miros 10:56 30 Jul 2007

At the beginning of July I installed Acronis 10 over the Acronis 7 free version.

Just realised it seems to be backing up every day (4GBs a day) currently there is now 67GBs of back up files on my external hard drive. My PC hard drive itself is only 40 GBs so this is a crazy situation to be in.

I'm unaware when it's backing up, and to the best of my knowledge I haven't programmed it to do this what as gone wrong? I'm clueless about this having never used it before.

Don't recall this happening with the old Acronis 7 in fact other than doing a back up with it I hadn't used it.

Would welcome any help, and thanks.

  €dstowe 11:01 30 Jul 2007

I still use Acronis 7 as I can't see any point in upgrading - V 7 does what I want it to so I left things alone.

If I were you, I'd revert to the old one. At least you know how to use it and that it will behave itself.

  rawprawn 11:05 30 Jul 2007

Go into Task scheduling on the left hand pane, and if there is anything scheduled delete it.

  Miros 11:05 30 Jul 2007

Not sure I can now, also I have paid out good money for this version after hearing such good reports on here about it.

  Miros 11:15 30 Jul 2007

It says there is 'nothing to display'.

  rawprawn 11:19 30 Jul 2007

Did you have a schedule in Acronis 7? You say that you installed it over TI &, perhaps it would be worthwhile uninstalling then cleaning the registry and reinstalling.

  Miros 11:23 30 Jul 2007

Thanks I'll give that a go.

Do you reckon I can delete the 67 GBs on my Ex Hard Drive?

  rawprawn 11:34 30 Jul 2007

Yes, I see no reason not to, but I would make sure that Acronis is up and unning first, and then make a new backup staraight away.

  Miros 11:37 30 Jul 2007

cheers will do. Just cleaning registry at moment.

  Miros 13:31 30 Jul 2007

Done, reinstalled Acronis, and made backup, I suppose only time will tell if everything is OK.

Thanks for your help rawprawn.

  rawprawn 13:34 30 Jul 2007

Ok, I hope it solves your problem, make certain nothing is showing in Task Scheduler.

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