acronis 8.0 vs ghost 9.0

  globus 13:45 14 Sep 2005

Hi to all

I want to buy 'backup and recovery solution'... .

Acronis True Image 8.0 or Norton Ghost 9.0

If you could supplie me with some your experience... it would be great...



  stylehurst 14:09 14 Sep 2005

Have used both Acronis TrueImage 7 & 8 and previously Ghost. Ghost was picky about back up devices but may have improved. Ghost would only do a complete back up whereas Acronis will do incremental back ups.
Having used both programs I personally prefer Acronis

  €dstowe 14:26 14 Sep 2005

Acronis every time, no question.

  Philwane 14:41 14 Sep 2005

I recently ditched Ghost in favour of Acronis not that there is anything wrong with Ghost its a very good program and has served me well for the past 2 years.

But if you want to back up to an external USB HDD as I did then Ghost is a non starter.

Acronis does this with ease and that was the main reason for Ditching Ghost

  keith-236785 15:46 14 Sep 2005

i use ghost as that is what i shelled out the readies for, not very easy to use at first (confused the hell out of me regarding how to make a boot disc), but very effective when the chips are down. fresh install of windows/office/internet setup and other stuff all fits on 1 dvd, very easy to restore (used it twice already)

not used acronis except the trial but it only lets you mimic a image save so i dont know how effective it would be (others seem to favour it so it must be ok). i must admit i preferred acronis for ease of use but as said i have already bought Ghost9.0 so im stuck with it.

good luck with your choice

  Wuggy 16:18 14 Sep 2005

If you decide to buy Acronis TrueImage "off the shelf" rather than as a download be sure to go to their web site and update to the latest build which is now 937. it's the best money you'll ever spend.

  freaky 09:25 15 Sep 2005

Used both, in my opinion Acronis is the better program, but make sure you update it on a regular basis.

  kyprosman 16:27 15 Sep 2005

I'd recomend Acronis.

  JYPX 21:27 15 Sep 2005

Another vote for True Image. I am still using the full version of TI6 supplied by PCA on a cover disc last year - the best freebie ever in my opinion. It works superbly and I have have no interest/need for incremental back-ups.

  mattyc_92 21:31 15 Sep 2005

Acronis hasn't gave me any errors when backing up or restoring (unlike Ghost) and the compression rate is alot better.

  absent 21:50 15 Sep 2005

Definitely Acronis.

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