Acronis 7 - Corrupt Image

  JayDay 20:43 31 Jul 2004

I have been using Acronis 7 for about two weeks. I made a full image of my C Drive and then went to the check image feature, this informed me "The Image Archive is corrupted".

I did another image and this too was corrupted. What's the prob?

  stalion 20:44 31 Jul 2004

operating system please

  JayDay 20:46 31 Jul 2004

Sorry WinXP Pro

  JayDay 20:47 31 Jul 2004

When I explore the images I can see all the files there and it all seems ok.

  woodchip 20:52 31 Jul 2004

Will Acronis allow you to slow the burner down. I would say the burner is the problem. have you tried mounting the image in explorer, right click the image file and choose explorer, it should mount as another drive so you can examine the files folders. when you have done with the above right click the drive and choose unplug

  JayDay 20:54 31 Jul 2004

Yeah as mentioned above I can explore the image with no problems. Also I'm not burning the image to CD/DVD but to a separate HDD.

  JayDay 09:51 01 Aug 2004


  christmascracker 10:44 01 Aug 2004

Have you installed the new (ish) update? Might help. Was released the 26th July

click here

  absent 12:11 01 Aug 2004

If Acronis True Image ceases running or produces errors, its files might be corrupted. To fix it, you will have to recover the program. To do this, run the installer again. It will detect Acronis True Image on your PC and will ask you if you want to recover (update) or remove it. Click Recover and click Proceed.

This is from the help file, worth a try.

  bertiecharlie 13:16 01 Aug 2004


Are you creating your images in the "Acronis Secure Zone" or just directly onto your second hard drive? By using the "Secure Zone" your images cannot be affected by any Windows applications. Its easy to set up, just have a look in the Help file.It says you can set it up on one drive only so, in your case, you would set it up on your second drive.

Also, and I don't know if this actually makes a difference, I defragment the drive before creating an image of it.

  JayDay 15:29 01 Aug 2004

Took your advice about creating in the Secure Zone. Worked a treat. Many thanks.

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