laurie53 19:47 23 Dec 2007

Last month I did an Acronis restore on my desktop. It took about twenty minutes.

Today I had to do one on my laptop, and it took six hours.

Give that the content is largely similar, as is the partition size. is this entirely due to processor speed?

Just idle curiosity.

  exodus 21:45 23 Dec 2007

Hi, to some extent it will depend on the speed of your system but 6 hours does seem an unreasonable amount of time.(You could make a clean install of XP and all your programs and data in that time).

However, there are other variables that you have not mentioned such as the device and type of connection used for storing/transferring the image (ie. USB external drive).


  Flying Teddy 22:09 23 Dec 2007

As exodus says, it all depends on the variables. I had exactly the same problem as you, 5 hours to do an Acronis backup to an external HDD from a PC and 20 minutes from a laptop.

Turned out to be USB speeds. The PC was using USB 1 and the laptop USB 2. It was all my fault because I had bought a USB hub for the PC not realising that it was only a USB 1 device!!

A bit of a long shot but it may just help...

  laurie53 08:22 24 Dec 2007

Thanks for the responses.

In both cases restored from a partition on the hard disc (yes, hairy I know, but I've got nothing really vital).

The laptop's an HP pavilion, about eighteen months old, running a Turion 64.

My PC is a six months old self build running a dual core Athlon.

Hence my original question.

  rawprawn 10:25 24 Dec 2007

Two other things that can affect the time taken is "Validate backup" if this is ticked you are in effect doing everything twice.Also in Options check that the HDD Write Speed is set to Maximum

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