Acronis 2013 problems maybe

  compumac 17:42 27 Dec 2012

I have been using Acronis True Image for some considerable time and it has saved my bacon on several occasions. Currently I am using the 2010 version.

My daughter is about to purchase a new laptop with Windows 8 and I had initially suggested that the first thing to do would be to install Acronis and make a backup image following up with regular image backups. However I have been looking a number of reviews of Acronis True Image 2013 and am more than a little perturbed at the very negative reports, albeit that I recognise that more people would complain than would praise a product.

What are the thoughts here?

  Pine Man 19:40 27 Dec 2012

I've had every version of ATI since version 9 and 2013 is definitely the best of the lot. I have used it on both Windows 7 and Windows 8 without any problem whatsoever.

  compumac 20:17 27 Dec 2012

Pine Man. Thanks for that, I have seen favourable reports but have been a liitle put off by the sheer number of negative comments.

  compumac 08:52 29 Dec 2012

Anyone else wish to comment?

  Diemmess 09:36 29 Dec 2012

Bought version 10 when my OS was 2000 and was about to change to XP.

Have no desire to change Acronis until this PC needs replacement. Then it will be W7 and all the loose ends that will require attention.

Can you offer a link to the criticism of Acronis 2013 ?

  woodchip 11:52 29 Dec 2012

I use Version 9 I do not load it but just create and restore Images after booting with the CD or Rescue CD.If you do only that you have no need to upgrade

  Pine Man 11:54 29 Dec 2012

Acronis are now selling the Plus package for 2013 which has a 'universal' restore function allowing you to restore to ANY computer. It costs £11.95.

  Pine Man 11:55 29 Dec 2012 the above it is a half price offer.

  compumac 12:43 29 Dec 2012

Diemmess I started with comments on the Amazon website whilst looking at their offers for Acronis 2013 and then just searched mainly for comments from USERS as opposed to reviews. As I said "albeit that I recognise that more people would complain than would praise a product".

  compumac 12:46 29 Dec 2012

Quote from PC Mag review. , "For me, the main problem with TrueImage 2013 is that it includes features that I'm convinced are potentially dangerous to be included in consumer-level software, and the program doesn't even hint that these features have built-in dangers. I'm referring to Acronis Secure Zone and the Acronis Startup Recovery Manager, both of which make non-standard changes to the deepest and most crucial parts of your disk structure. If something goes wrong with those parts of your disk, and Acronis's own software isn't available to fix it, or if it fails to fix it, then anyone who isn't an expert in disk structure is going to be in deep trouble, because other third-party disk tools aren't designed to deal with the non-standard modifications made by Acronis."

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