Acronis 2013 out now at a discount

  Muergo 21:35 30 Aug 2012

After trying to flog their 2012 True Image at a knockdown price Acronis has now launched the 2013 version at a big discount even before Amazon has listed it.

I still feel it's the best, foolproof backup system, I'm still running 2010 but feel inclined to upgrade now.

  Nontek 22:01 30 Aug 2012

I have just upgraded today - £23.95.

  Muergo 22:12 30 Aug 2012

Tell more, is it much of an improvement, easier to understand for an old fart like me! Like the existing version I just want to set it up and leave it running just in case, but over ten years or more I have never had a cataclysmic failure needing backup other than a Go Back for a couple of days, but having said that something might happen.

I must clear out my external hard drive that I use for Acronis, it has nearly filled up a Terabyte, but there must be lots of duplication.

  Nontek 22:43 30 Aug 2012

I upgraded from 2012 to 2013 so not a lot of difference, except that mainly one can restore a full backup to a different PC than the original if required. I'm an old fart too, I find it very easy to use.

I always make Full backups, and after each backup I delete the oldest one from my external hard drive, so that I always have no more than two full backups saved.

I like the 'peace-of-mind' ........

  ams4127 23:42 30 Aug 2012

I had Acronis a few years back, but could never really figure what it did that Win 7 backup couldn't.

I got rid of it.

I backup to an external HDD once a week and, once a month I simply copy my "C" drive to an identical internal drive. Worst case scenario, I just swap SATA leads and reboot. Simples!

  Muergo 03:41 31 Aug 2012

Well ams4127, your description of what you do is precisely why I need Acronis, I forget when and what to back up, I agree that back in 2006 and earlier the program was difficult to figure out but since about 2009 edition it became more user friendly and what I like is the continuous backup so I never have to think.

I bought a Terrorbite! of external HD to cope with the volume but as I said I must now clear it out.

Your backup to another internal drive is a bit risky I think as my stand alone drive would not go down with the main computer. I know some people backup onto a different partition of the same internal drive but that is really chancing it, especially now the price of hard drives has come down so much excepting the Tsunami price glitch after the floods in Samsung ? plant.

The other thing to bear in mind is the recent reports highlighting the short life of solid state memory, so I shall be sticking to the disc and laser system.

  Pine Man 08:29 31 Aug 2012

I also have just upgraded and one of the attractions for me with Acronis is the ability to mount the image and access individual files if necessary. The main attraction, however, is that I actually find it more reliable than system restore!

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