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  MICKY BOY 10:22 26 May 2010

Hi All,

Have had problem with my registry backup latterly, my computer kept on freezing up every time I ran system mechanic to do registry backup. So decide to roll back to a previous registry backup. Now the computer starts to load into WXP then freezes into a black screen. Have tried to run in save mode etc, still no good.
Have Acronis 2009 full backup on a external hard drive, is it possible to reinstall WXP only of the external hard drive? Leaving my documents on my computer untouched, the Acronis image of my documents on the external hard drive is not up to date. Will it leave my documents on my computer still untouched as I wish to keep them but just install windows again?

Any help or advice much appreciated.


  gengiscant 11:59 26 May 2010

I am not sure if you are talking about an Acronis backup or clone.
So it might be simpler to repair windows XP click here
If your dackup is a clone of your hard drive then you can just swap the drives then access your old drive, hopefully,and sync your documents.

  lotvic 12:13 26 May 2010

From memory, you should be able to boot from the Acronis CD and back up to your external HDD the (new) documents on your C: drive.
I suggest you boot from Acronis CD and explore the menu.
Make sure to have the external HDD plugged in before you boot CD so that Acronis can find it.

  MICKY BOY 16:18 26 May 2010

Hi Gengiscant and lotvic

Thank you for your advice. Sorry I have replied before but had to go out.

Lotvic you say I should be able to update my documents to my external hdd from my crashed computer using the recovery cd. I will try.

Cannot use WXP disk as it came with the computer with installed software also and it says that a newer version is installed.

Any other advice anybody.



  cocteau48 19:46 26 May 2010

If what concerns you most is saving your up to date docs then you could try to take (using the Acronis Boot Disk) a new full Acronis Image of your present,apparently corrupted,system.

Then whatever action you may have to take to get your system back to full functionality,reformat and reinstall of WXP or repair of WXP you can then use Acronis to "mount" a copy of your saved image in read/write mode (it does not recover the image but merely allows you to access it under a new virtual drive letter) and from that you should be able to access and recover your docs.

  MICKY BOY 21:18 26 May 2010

Thank you cocteau48,

I will try this, it sounds a good idea.

Thanks again, Mick

  lotvic 00:10 27 May 2010

That's the same route that I suggested :)
Acronis lets you choose what to back up (make image of)
Glad we agree :)

  lotvic 00:13 27 May 2010

""Lotvic you say I should be able to update my documents to my external hdd from my crashed computer using the recovery cd""

NO, that's not what I said. I said to use the Acronis Boot CD and explore the menu...

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