Acronis 10 -Corrupt Disk & Error Loading Op.System

  Greengage 16:32 14 Apr 2009

I am running Xp on my PC and have used Acronis 8 for many years without problem but recently changed to Version 10 as there was a free offer on somewhere. I have had to use it during the past two days and I am having a terrible time.
When I first tried restoring, each section took an age to load, it told me it was going to take 3 hours and I left it running overnight. I then discovered that the process had stopped at some time with a message along the lines that image was corrupt. I tried again with exactly the same results. I then tried to restore another image (about a month older) and again I got the image corrupt message again. I then tried booting the PC normally so that at least I could revert to where I started but in booting I got the message "Error Loading Operating System". I then tried to boot in Safe Mode but got the same message and then started to realise that I had lost everything. In checking some of the posts on this Forum, I then decided to try and repair Windows XP but when booting from the CD it did not give me the opportunity, after pressing Enter to load Windows, ie the option to press R for repair did not show. In fact the wording on screen suggested that there was nothing there to repair. I then fresh installed XP and then Acronis 10. Luckily, the program let me Explore the "corrupt" image and I have been able to copy my important files so that these can be loaded into the fresh version of XP, if need be. I then tried restoring the disk again - same procedure as previous attempts culminating in message that image corrupt. I might add that when I take back ups with Acronis I always verify them afterwards. I tried again with the other image and this was again declared corrupt. When I started the PC again to boot into the newly installed Xp, surprise, surprise!! I get the message Error Loading Operating System. This means I am no further forward, now having lost the XP fresh install which means I have got to start yet again, and Acronis is still not working. Can anyone give explanation to what is going on please? Apart from the obvious problem with Acronis, why is it seemingly also corrupting my operating system resulting in me having to fresh install?

  johndrew 19:48 14 Apr 2009

I have no idea where you got ATI 10 as a `free` offer, but the question that comes to my mind is whether it is genuinely ATI or if there is a problem with the download.

I suggest you uninstall ATI 10 and, if you have an image made with ATI 8, use that to reinstall. Perhaps this should be followed by a good malware scan.

  Greengage 21:25 14 Apr 2009

Thanks johndrew. It was a genuine offer - through one of the respected magazines I believe for a very limited period. I've given up on Acronis 10 and reverted to Acronis 8, or I will do once I get everything loaded on to my, once again, fresh XP install.

  six-h 21:42 14 Apr 2009

ATI 10 was offered a few weeks ago by Computer Active as a download, but was quickly withdrawn as the product key was leaked to the net.
I was not quick enough to get it before the B*****d's leaked the key, but have not heard of it causing problems.

  woodchip 22:00 14 Apr 2009

Is the Hard Drive Ok? that may be a problem. Disc check needs running on it or a disk checker like Seatools

  woodchip 22:06 14 Apr 2009

If the disc as bad sectors the Image and the Restore would have a problem

  Greengage 22:09 14 Apr 2009

I had considered this also, woodchip. Although I have not yet carried out tests I have just got to the point where I have got XP loaded again on a fresh install and I created an image in Acronis 8 and then restored it successfully. This would tend to indicate that the hard drive is OK.

  gardener 22:25 14 Apr 2009

The backup should ideally be put on a seperate hard drive, internal or external, or burned to dvd.

  Greengage 23:15 14 Apr 2009

The backup was/is on a separate 250GB external hard drive.

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