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  GlasgowMary 12:19 28 Jun 2003

I create forms, using the full version of Acrobat software. The software allows me to create forms where Acrobat Reader users, when the form is downloaded, can type into designated areas.

When the forms are downloaded and viewed in Acrobat Reader, the user can type into those fields and they can print out the results.

However, they can't save the .pdf for their records. There is no Save option available.

Am I missing something? I've paid for software that does exactly what I want it to do but, the Acrobat Reader user can't save a copy for their files.

The user has to copy the info into Word (using the Acrobat Text Tool)and save it as a Word doc.

I might as well have sent a Word doc in the first place.

Again, am I missing something?

Acrobat Reader is huge. It seems to me that this company is playing the long game. Give Acrobat Reader free and as orgisations become dependent on it sting them for more money. Or, maybe, they are going to charge Acrobat Reader users for enhanced features?

For the third time - am I missing something?

Does anyone know of a work around to the save .pdf option when viewed in Acrobat Reader?

  Pesala 12:32 28 Jun 2003

I don't have Acrobat, but I know there is an option to protect the file from copying and/or printing. Probably you just need to disable this protection. A link to one of your forms might help others to solve the problem if my suggestion doesn't work.

  wetterfugal? 12:49 28 Jun 2003

I can't understand it, I have saved many copies of Acrobat pdf files from web pages and never had a problem. I use Acrobat Reader 6 and on the toolbar there is a "Disk" symbol labled "Save a Copy" when I click this there is a warning that the saved file cannot be edited, I click OK and the normal saving window pops up.

I have a feeling that maybe some of the earlier versions will not do this. It is not as though Adobe are losing out because the recipient is not using the software however it can be done because I do it. I should ask the question on the Adobe web site, They are pretty good with support for PhotoShop and they may have a forum for you.

  Djohn 12:58 28 Jun 2003

Yes that's strange. I download many forms, instruction manuals in Acrobat 5.5 and can save/print them with no problem at all.

The save function is the second Icon in from the top left, (Small floppy), click on this and you are able to save to any destination of your choice. j.

  GlasgowMary 20:25 28 Jun 2003

Thanks for your replies.

Yes, you can save the form, but it is blank. The details that have been typed into it cannot be saved.

  DieSse 20:35 28 Jun 2003

Have you got the latest Acrobat reader, Version6 - or have you got the forms update for Version5?

  jazzypop 20:39 28 Jun 2003

"4 Once you have filled in the appropriate form fields, do one of the following:

? Click the Submit Form button, if one exists.The button may be named differently.
Clicking this button sends the form data to a database across the Web or over your
company intranet.This button works only if you are viewing the PDF document from
inside a Web browser, or you have Web Capture.

? Choose File > Export > Form Data to save the form data in a separate FDF file.The form
itself is not saved.Type a filename, and click Save. Opening the Forms Data Format (FDF) file in an Acrobat viewer automatically opens the associated PDF document containing the form if the files maintain their relative locations."

Taken from the Adobe Acrobat 5 Help File - PDF Forms > Filling out forms.

In other words, the form, and the details typed into it, are saved as two separate files. Activating the form contents (by double-clicking) loads the data back into the form.

This is consistent with the PDF philosophy, which is partly about making sure that the original file (in this case a form) cannot easily be edited or amended, and therefore stay true to the author's original attempt and cannot be impersonated, edited or plagiarised without the author's explicit consent.

As you say, if your document needs are simple, use a word processor.

  jazzypop 20:41 28 Jun 2003

P.S. Please ignore the question marks inserted into the above text. For some reason, this site struggles with Unicode fonts, and a lot of character substitution is taking place.

  GlasgowMary 21:47 28 Jun 2003

Thanks, jazzypop - I'll try your suggestion asap.

Will let you know how it goes.

  GlasgowMary 14:49 05 Jul 2003


I've now installed Acrobat 6 and have looked for the options that jazzypop suggested.

The 'Submit' and ‘Export’ options are available, only, if the Acrobat Reader user has installed the full Acrobat software.

The average Acrobat Reader gets the ‘Save a Copy’ or the ‘Save as Text’ ( if in v.6) option.

All users can save a copy, but only of the blank form. (no inputted data included)

To save form data, I need to buy additional software and provide server space to receive the data. Not quite sure how all this works, but do know that the Acrobat Reader user can use a ‘Submit’ button to transfer data, over the web, to a server database.

Reader users can't save a copy of the form + data unless they use the graphics tool to copy the details, as a new image, into a word processor such as MS Word.

This is a very clumsy IT solution.

The new, wizzy, Acrobat 6 has a toolbar option to capture an image ie form + data. It’s a bit like using the ‘Alt + Prt Scr’ keyboard option in Windows. Really impressive. Saves all the hassle of using the graphics tool. However, the user still has to be taught how to use this option - difficult to explain over the web.

So, back to square 1.

I think I might have been a bit harsh in my first posting. Maybe, companies, such as Adobe, if, they provide free user software, have to keep something back in order to generate new orders. Nothing is totally free, money has to be made somehow.

However, it seems to me, that if I have permission to fill in a form, the software should, at least, allow me to save it. Either in .pdf or Word format without the hassle of screen capture plus pasting into a word processing doc.

Am I being unreasonable?

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