Acrobat Reader 6 Won't work

  Monco 17:36 20 Mar 2004

I uninstalled Acrobat reader 5 in Add/Remove programs (except for a few files left), and installed Acrobat reader 6. Now I cannot read pdf files; if I put in a CD in pdf format the program just freezes. Anybody have any idea what I did wrong? Would be grateful.

  Totally-braindead 17:44 20 Mar 2004

Have you tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it?

  Stuartli 17:47 20 Mar 2004

I left earlier versions of Adobe Reader on my system when I installed version six and have had no conflicts.

Some programs open the earlier version up, although it's rare.

  Monco 16:47 23 Mar 2004

Thanks to Stuartli & Totally braindead. The reader now works on other pdf files, already on the computer & on the internet, but it won't open my PC Advisor 2001-2003 archive CD. Not even by going to the run command or trying to open in my computer. Strange. Any further ideas?

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