Acrobat doesn't auto-open when Firefox surfing

  quitiraq 14:06 26 Apr 2008

Am in Firefox -> tools -> add-ons but that doesn't lead to where/how to get Adobe Acrobat to respond/open up on demand. If Google directs to a .pdf file, software doesn't open, sometimes a warning that Acrobat isn't activated appears... but in fact it is. Sometimes the issue can be skirted by keeping the Acrobat reader permanently open in readiness and then, sometimes a google .pdf doc. link responds. Even when opening ME .pdf files open but an " 'adjust the add-on settings' to ensure all .pdf functionalities are active" note pops up? Follow the advice but end up in a siding. Is fixing this going to take HOURS/days of reading faffing and sweating.

Lawks a Mussy It's been driving me spare!

Bows, low + sweeping doffing feathered cap to the master(s) out there able to help. xox

  Gongoozler 14:10 26 Apr 2008

If you go into Windows Explorer - Tools - Folder Options - File Types, what do you have for PDF files?

  DieSse 14:13 26 Apr 2008

I would be inclined to uninstall any and all versions of Acrobat, and re-download and re-install.

  quitiraq 14:27 26 Apr 2008

Gongoozler, hello thanks: found 7 items connected to adobe acrobat in file location u designate.

1. Ext: "2" File type: "2 File"
2. Ext: "EDN" File type: "adobe DRM activation file"
3. Ext: "ETD" File type: "EBX translate date file (7.0)
4. Ext: "PDF" File type: "adobe acrobat document"
5. Ext: "PDX" File type: "acrobat catalog index"
6. Ext: "XDP" File type: "Adobe acrobat XML Data Package File"
7. Ext: "XFDF" File type: "Adobe Acrobat Forms Document"

I notice under item 3. "(7.0)" is featured whereas I've now got version 8, and remember having dismantled/uninstalled, in the orthodox manner, previous versions of the software.

  quitiraq 14:35 26 Apr 2008

DieSse, if this is the simplest way, will do. Am only in 'idiot-proof' grade with regard to installing software, but to my knowledge Adobe/acrobat is designed for that level!

Thank you.

  rawprawn 14:40 26 Apr 2008

My advice would be to uninstall Acrobat altogether and install PDF Exchange Viewer
click here
Much less demanding and very easy going.

  bretsky 14:59 26 Apr 2008

If I read you right you are trying to open up a pdf from your F/F browser while browsing.

You need an ad-on such as click here it's simple to install and gives you various options as to how the ad-on behaves, I use it all the time, you can select either the pdf to open in your browser or in a new window....simple.

bretsky ;0)

  DieSse 15:18 26 Apr 2008

I can confirm that with Firefox, when you install Acrobat, it also installs automatically into Firefox, such that pdf documents will open automatically. No separate add-on is actually required.

That's not to say bretskys link is not useful - and may solve your problem - but it's not essential. I don't have it, and mine functions as it should.

Acrobat is notorious for leaving traces of old versions behind. I usually go through manually, and delete them where I find them.

  bretsky 15:28 26 Apr 2008

I forgot to add that I use the PDF Exchange Viewer pointed out by rawprawn.

bretsky ;0)

  Gongoozler 17:15 26 Apr 2008

I also uninstalled Adobe Acrobat and installed PDF Exchange Viewer. Much smaller, less demanding on resources and more versatile. click here

  quitiraq 03:58 27 Apr 2008

Bretsky, Rawpawn, Gongoozler, DieSse, Hail!

DieSse, confirm Acrobat opens up automatically with Firefox, mine used to! Also have noted that bits of previous versions still haunt the system even after uninstall. Wonder if this causes the problems?

Have decided to live dangerously; ditch Acrobat and replace with PDF-XChange viewer. A while ago I heard mention of a free download which allowed functions such as edit and more, rather than restricting the user to read only.

Hope I succeed in scouring Acrobat out once and for all. Worry that I wouldn't know how to go about deleting files individually fearing the damage to my system it might cause.

But, thanks so much to all four of you for making me that bit wiser;)

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