acquiring network address

  rizlo29 22:27 28 Jan 2010

Even though I get this message I fill in the fields with the correct IP, dns etc and still I cant connect to the Internet, even though it says I'm connected.

So what do you do when wireless network acquires address?

Nothing seems to work!


  Woolwell 23:03 28 Jan 2010

It's too late for me to follow this through tonight but you are going to have to provide more details eg operating system and about your router. Is it a laptop or desktop? What security have you set up on your router? Is this at home? Have you ever connected to the router by cable?

You shouldn't have to fill in fields. The router should allocate the address.

  mgmcc 23:07 28 Jan 2010

Usually when the network adapter sticks on "acquiring network address" it is because it hasn't connected properly to the wireless network. Allocating fixed addresses won't help if you aren't connected to the network; it is actually misleading because it hides the fact that you haven't connected.

What type of encryption is the router using - WEP, WPA, WPA2 - and is this supported by the computer's network adapter?

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