ozat 07:44 02 Feb 2006


I have finally managed to get my laptop to see my father in laws wireless network.
Only thing is, the newwork logo in the bottom rhs of my screen says "aquiring network address" and just sits lke that for ever!

Is there anyway I can force it, or get the host PC to acknowledge it and give it an address?

Thanks in advance


  mgmcc 08:54 02 Feb 2006

Is the "wireless network" a connection from the PCs to a Wireless Router, or are you trying to set up an "Ad Hoc" network with the two adapters connecting directly? If the latter, has Internet Connection Sharing been enabled on the actual internet connection (modem connection) in the "host" PC?

When ICS is enabled, it configures the host's network adapter with the fixed IP address and also enables the host as a DHCP server to allocate the "client" PC's IP address. However, if the host has both a "Local Area Connection" and a "Wireless Network Connection", the Local Area Connection ("wired" network adapter) should be disabled prior to setting up ICS, so that the fixed IP address of goes to the WiFi adapter and not the "wired" one.

  ozat 15:23 02 Feb 2006

HI mgmcc,

Im assuming ICS is enabled as he has another laptop set up on the network and its fine. I have pinched the USB adaptor from that and plugged it into my laptop, but cant get it to work....

What do you mean when you say "disabled"? Pull the cable out?



  keewaa 15:24 02 Feb 2006

Go to Netowkr Connections, right click on it and disable.

  ozat 18:49 02 Feb 2006

cheers keewaa...will give that a go later

  ozat 10:23 05 Feb 2006

Im still having bother with this....

Anyone have any ideas?

  keewaa 10:28 05 Feb 2006

Could you describe the Network setup in more detail : Is there a wireless router, is it connected to the internet, is there a modem, or is it just PCs accessing PCs ?

  ozat 10:52 05 Feb 2006

OK keewaa, I will try my best!

Internet connection is through the NTL box downstairs which is connected to the router which is upstairs next to the main machine.

This then has a USB wireless adapter plugged into it, which is a Sitecom WL-012.

His laptop connects no problem and we can see the main machine and access the problem, never had any problems with that side of things.

I then installed the drivers for the adapter and disconnected the one from his laptop, and plugged it into mine. Eventually I got my LT to see the main machine, but it is still trying to aquire a network address.

Im no PC expert, but I can follow helpfiles no problem. However when these dont help, I come unstuck!

  keewaa 12:32 05 Feb 2006

Try disabling all firewalls on your laptop, if it works then you'll have to configure the firewall to allow access to the main machine in trusted zone, and checking wireless connector TCP/IP settings are set to get IP & DNS autoamtically.

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