The ACPI Bios in this system is not fully complian

  JJCUK 19:49 09 Sep 2003

My brothers computer keeps rebooting

I suspected the virus which has been going round however the sympoms are different as the computer reboots before even getting intoo windows.
XP when he uses the windows cd to boot the following error is displayed

The ACPI Bios in this system is not fully
compliant to the specification

His computer is the same as mine (Mesh XP2000+)
he "THINKS " he may have had this error before?

I got him intoo the recovery console and ran some commands to see if that would help (chkdsk,fixmbr,fixboot)

went intoo bios and set default values

and pressed f5 to get to the
menu of Hardware Abstraction Layer's where you can select the ACPI choices and tried
Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) PC and Standard PC

the last resort is to get some sort of boot disk virus scan to rule that out
does anybody have any ideas for
a boot disk virus scanner or virus repair tool that works from floppy
or other ideas about the fault
Thanks in advance cause im stumped if it aint a virus

  spikeychris 20:17 09 Sep 2003

Seen this in 2K but it might be worth a
click here

  JJCUK 20:24 09 Sep 2003

yeah cheers spikeychris been there no joy

  JJCUK 13:23 10 Sep 2003


  spikeychris 21:24 10 Sep 2003

It looks like a BIOS update is needed. Personally I would go to the motherboards website and grab me a flash. Some people are a bit hesitant to do this so there is always other ways. I have tried the below on a machine I have and it works. For your information, mainly gamers have used this to *boost* their performance.

You need to be aware that it is a MAJOR change and failsafes have to be put in place. ACPI enables the operating system to direct power management.

Its also essential to take full advantage of power management and Plug and Play in Windows. You may lose some Plug and Play by disabling ACPI.

When your brother installs new hardware he will have to use the device drivers. He will probably lose most of his stand by, suspend, and hibernation modes

First thing is to get all the drivers for all your hardware, either make a copy or download them from the net onto floppy (VERY IMPORTANT)

You then have to open system restore and create a restore point. *Please don't ignore this.*

Have I mentioned get a copy of your hardware drivers and create a restore point...don't bypass this..

Once you have..

Right click on My Computer and select Manage click on the Device Manager on the left. In the right pane click the + symbol on the left of the Computer icon, you will see ACPI. Right click and select Properties click the Driver tab. Click Update Driver.

When the Hardware Update Wizard opens, select Install from a list or specific location (Advanced) Next, tell the wizard, Don?t search, I will choose the driver to install. The wizard should now show you a list of devices.

Untick the Show compatible hardware box to see the whole list. Select Standard PC from the list, finish the wizard, and reboot. This is where you find out if you have to re-install the drivers (more than likely)

Once the drivers have been re-installed you should be able to use the machine...

As said at the beginning a flash from the website should sort it out.

Good luck and post the results.


He will probably lose most of his stand by, suspend, and hibernation modes

  JJCUK 22:15 11 Sep 2003

yeh cheers again spikeychris

im already on that

as its the exact same PC as mine the only difference is the BIOS version he is on the original MESH/ASUS 1010 BIOS and im on 1012.
as ive upgraded BIOS a few times I am familiar with the procedure however i will be instructing his wife how to do it by phine and e mail (should be interesting)

seriously though she is more than capable
I looked on the ASUS web site for diferences between the BIOS in the hope this might have been indicated as a fix but nothing there.

However will give it a bash and keep you informed

cheers Jim

  JJCUK 18:41 15 Sep 2003

well just flashed BIOS to latest version

and no joy

its over to Mesh support now to see if they can resolve I suspect they will take it back for checking as looks like a Hardware fault to me now ?

what you think chris

cheers for the help

  spikeychris 18:48 15 Sep 2003

Is the machine booting at all?

  spikeychris 18:57 15 Sep 2003

If it will not boot then you can't try my last sugestion...BUT you can still disable the ACPI. You know the inns and outs of this but its certainly worth a try.

Go back to booting from the CD and when you see the press F6 to install raid drivers hit F7, Windows automatically disables the installation of the ACPI and installs the Standard PC HAL.

Let me know how you get on.


  JJCUK 19:22 15 Sep 2003

yeah chhers Chris

that was one of the first options we were trying before we f5ed intoo the HAL menu


  spikeychris 19:54 15 Sep 2003

Looks like your right. Theres some hardware issues going on. Try your RAM in his machine. Strip the machine to the bare bones and see what happens..

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