swanny2 19:13 15 Jan 2005

ive just downloaded this 87mb aceshigh.
now when i come too start it i get a message.

aceshigh has caused a error on ACESHIGH.EXE
aceshigh will now close .if u continue to experience problems plz restart ure pc.
ive done that but ts still the same .
any ideas any 1 was a big file im a bit sick i cant use it now 87mb.:O(

  ACOLYTE 19:16 15 Jan 2005

Sounds like a corrupt download,dont envy you dloading it again.BTW what is aceshigh?

  swanny2 19:20 15 Jan 2005

its a flight game m8 what shud i do go too add/ remove an delete it?

  ACOLYTE 19:23 15 Jan 2005

Can you dload it again ? from a different source might fix it might not but if you do uninstall the old one before you install the new.

  Starfox 20:04 15 Jan 2005

Any help? click here click here look at version v2.00.10 patch to cure startup problems.

  swanny2 20:17 15 Jan 2005

when i go too that link m8 an clik on the patch too download all there is a membership page too join ....
how do i get the patch / ....ty .

  Starfox 20:27 15 Jan 2005

If you don't want to be a member this download should work click here you need the first patch in the list 2.01.2 to 2.01.3

  swanny2 20:34 15 Jan 2005

ok ive downloaded the above is that it now just restart? an try it again ...

  Starfox 20:36 15 Jan 2005

Thats it, if it doesn't work afraid you will have to re-install the whole thing :o(

  swanny2 21:13 15 Jan 2005

nagh it dont work ... why should it work again if i dowmload it again?

  Starfox 21:21 15 Jan 2005

Because your download has been corrupted.There is no guarantee that it will work next time either.

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