Acer7730 fitting secondary HDD

  Boluwd 09:50 27 Dec 2008

Has anyone got one of these (Dixons Group @ £440 before Xmas). There is space for a secondary HDD but I cannot tell if the SATA port "plug" is installed on the mobo..............anyone know for sure?

  ambra4 12:24 27 Dec 2008

“Acer 7730 fitting secondary HDD”

You sure there is a space for a second hard drive as most laptop can only fit 1 hard drive and you

connect a external second drive via USB or fire wire

  Boluwd 12:56 27 Dec 2008

Yes there is a secondary bay next to the installed hdd.I've unscrewed the bay door nut not sure if the connectors (power/ sata port) are installed tho'. There may be other issues with installing a second drive such as, will the onboard fan be underpowered to cool two hdds.

  Boluwd 13:07 27 Dec 2008

That should have been "I've unscrewed the bay door BUT not sure if the connectors (power/ sata port) are installed tho'. "!!!!!!!!!!

  Boluwd 23:02 22 Jan 2009


Anyone got further opinions/advice on this?

  DieSse 23:40 22 Jan 2009

If you've unscrewed the bay door - surely you can see whether there's a connector there or not?

  Boluwd 15:45 23 Jan 2009

Yes I've opened the bay door and there is a plastic header with 7 and 15 grooves/slots on it. However, I have never seen the innards of a laptop before so not sure if this is "live" or not, (there are no wires attached). I took out the existing HDD and it sits in a chrome cradle which is screwed onto the mobo. The header in this bay looks identical to the one in the secondary bay. Will I cause a major drama if I try fitting the existing HDD into the secondary bay to see if it is "live"? The other thing is the existing chrome cradle is designed for the main bay..... the screw positions in the secondary bay are in different locations. I will probably need to source a matching cradle from Acer....if this is possible. Do these things come in standard sizes? I don't know?

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