Acer Win XP HD being an Ext HD to Win98

  ajw2708 00:29 19 May 2006

My Acer Aspire laptop has died after 2 years and I have wipped out the HD as it is not under warranty any more. It is now on a W98 PC as an external HD via USB and one of the 3 drives is visible in Windows 98 Explorer. I had not made the root of either 2 other drives private in WinXP, although there were some private folders on both drives. Am I going to have problems accessing this data, or do I just need to get back onto any PC running XP?


  DieSse 01:55 19 May 2006

Win98 will not be able to access any partitions formatted with NTFS - only those formatted with FAT32.

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  DieSse 01:56 19 May 2006

Sorry - correct link click here

  ajw2708 11:17 19 Nov 2006

The way forwards on this is to boot the XP Home machine in safe mode and then to log in with the built in Administrator account. Go into Windows Explorer, click a folder and go into its properties. Locate the security tab, take ownership and ensure that the user in question certainly has access to the required folders. save and re-boot and log in normally and you should be OK.

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