acer travelmate strange noise!

  G0rdon 20:31 06 Jun 2004


on my acer travelmate 290Lci laptop, on startup sometimes when the computer starts to load win xp pro, the screen makes a strange buzzing noise! With ac power in, or just when running on battery, it does this.

Moving the screen or something similiar makes it go away and it wont return until possibly the next cold boot.

Anybody have any idea what could be up? Could it be something to do with the wireless aerial within the tft-screen is simply getting intereference from the cold boot?

The noise is like a slight electrical 'hum'

I've customed the laptop muchly and wouldn't be happy at sending it back for a replacement; it was only bought a week ago!

However, if anybody knows what i'm talking about or has experience the same thing, please let me know!

Thanks in advance


  computernerdiamnot 00:36 07 Jun 2004

call the acer helpline, also if you only bought a week ago acer do 3 years accidental warranty for £99 but you must do this before 14 days co to the acer website for info on tech and products.

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