acer travelmate 4150 service manual? remove drive

  Superstylin 14:45 19 Sep 2006

hi, my optical drive needs replacing on my acer travelmate 4151LMi laptop but i have no idea how to remove the drive. i'd hoped it might just be a cse of sliding the thing out once the screws beneath/around it were unscrewed but no such luck.

anyone have an acer travelmate 4150 service manual or have any experience of removing this drive and might be able to show me the way??

thanks for any replies

  ed-0 17:58 19 Sep 2006

try the TM4100 at the bottom of the page. click here It may be the same style.

The files are in rar, so you will need winrar if you have it.

  ed-0 18:13 19 Sep 2006

The TM4100 rar is giving an error on my machine.

Try the 2300>4000>4500 pdf manual. It gives you a FRU ( Field Replacement Unit list ) and a break down of the laptop.

It just may help.

  Superstylin 19:14 19 Sep 2006

cheers ed-0

i managed to get the 4100 working but the layout of the laptop appears to be different. it tells you to remove the keyboard which should allow you access to a screw holding the optical drive in but with my 4151 the drive is beneath the wrist rest and not the keyboard.

i'm a bit lost when it comes to the exploded diagram on the fru, i can't make head nor tail of it! i'm not sure it would help me even i f i could tho!

  Superstylin 19:51 19 Sep 2006

how annoying. i bought the service manual from ebay. but the manual is a combined 4150, 4650 manual. apparently the 4650 has a latch on the underside that you simply pull that releases the optical drive but does the 4150? no! and they only provide the latch release method!

  ed-0 19:57 19 Sep 2006

They are the only ones I know of, for the acer travel mate.

  Superstylin 20:52 19 Sep 2006

i'm at a loss here. i've pulled the laptop to bits as much as i dare but i still can't release the optical drive! at least i did find out how easy it would be to upgrade hdd and ram!

  Superstylin 00:26 20 Sep 2006

done it! apparently the retaining screw is underneath the keyboard. for anyones information. you get to it by pulling the strip off the top (where the power button is) then removing 2 screws holding the keyboard in. the retaining screw is at the bottom left. you need a slightly magnetic screwdriver to get the screw out. the drive easily slides out then.

i'm gonna order a replacement drive but i'll need some err tiny screwdrivers too since the unit that holds the drive in is acer specific and i'll need to place it on the new drive.

i'll let you know how it goes!

  woodchip 00:32 20 Sep 2006

I have a Medion, there is a screw inside battery compartment through a shiny metal. tag, but you have to take the laptop apart as some more screws hold it in

  ed-0 06:44 20 Sep 2006

" it tells you to remove the keyboard which should allow you access to a screw holding the optical drive in "

Well it wasn't to far away, was it. ;-)

  Superstylin 12:42 20 Sep 2006

yep ed-0 it was on the money! sorry i didn't take great notice of it before, i was just reluctant to open anything up on the other manual's say so!

i just lost my patience in the end and pulled my laptop to bits only to find it really was THAT easy!

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