Acer Travel Mate Laptop 283XC

  conrail 15:28 26 Jun 2012

Hi guys, wife's employer has just given her a new laptop, this is the 3rd in 6 years, she offered old laptops back to employer who said she did not want them, she is keeping No. 2 in case employer changes her mind but 1st laptop, Acer Travel Mate 283XC has been given to me, the idea is to link it to tv to show home video on, see my post regarding USB keys not being recognised by TV, what I would like to know is I would like to upgrade the hard drive and ram, what is the maximum I can go to on either and how do I replace the items? I can do this on a pc but laptops are new to me, Acer website, including their forum, are difficult to use, kept going around in circles. Laptop has XP Professional installed and came with installation disc, so installing OS isn't a problem. all help and advice appreciated, (sorry this seems so long)

  KRONOS the First 15:38 26 Jun 2012

According to this Cnet it can only handle 1GB RAM. I cannot find the laptop on the Acer website so cannot look at the manual to see how to add RAM and a HDD.

  conrail 15:44 26 Jun 2012

thanks Chronus, I have opened panels underneath and found the modem and RAM but no idea on how it comes out, there is one panel on the front, removed the screw but it wont budge, also a panel by the DVD drive, no screw but again wont budge, don't want to force them

  conrail 15:45 26 Jun 2012

the laptop currently has 37.2 Gb HD and 256 Mb RAM

  Nontek 16:01 26 Jun 2012

The panels under the laptop will have small lugs holding them in, so after removing the screws it will be necessary to use something line a thin knife-blade to gently prize the panels up. Repairers often us the old type of Safety Razor Blade to do this job, those that are sharp on only one side.

  KRONOS the First 16:27 26 Jun 2012

Here's a video for the RAM Youtube but the hard drive is not necessarily a simple process. But have a look here for the harddrive E-how.

  conrail 16:28 26 Jun 2012

thanks Nontek,and also Chronus, have found the battery, HD, RAM and Modem, thanks Chronus again I now know the max RAM I can put in, only need to know what size HD I can use crucial website to help with the RAM, not sure about the HD though.

  KRONOS the First 16:35 26 Jun 2012

You do not need anything to big if all you are doing is sticking videos on it.But whatever size you want.

  conrail 16:43 26 Jun 2012

thanks , I thought 80 or 120Gb, didn't know if there was a limit on size.

  conrail 16:49 26 Jun 2012

sorry Chronus, didn't put your name in reply

  KRONOS the First 16:53 26 Jun 2012

Nope either one will be fine.

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