Acer T120 1440 x 900 resolution

  wolfspark 15:46 26 Oct 2009

I've recently bought new 17" widescreen monitors for two PCs. One is connected to an Acer T120e but I am unable to set the resolution to the 1440 x 900 required by the monitor leaving the image looking a bit fuzzy. I've searched the web for info and upgraded the SiS 661FX video drivers and upgraded the system bios to R01-B1 (the latest available on Acer's website) but the display settings still don't give me 1440 x 900 as an option. I'm now coming to the conclusion that it simply can't be done.
If this is the case is the best solution to fit a graphics card and, if so, could someone recommend a cheap one that will offer this resolution? We don't play games so it really only needs to be basic


  GaT7 18:40 26 Oct 2009

Yes, you're right in thinking that it may be due to the graphics not supporting this particular resolution. From click here:

"1. Why my SiS Integrated Graphic can not support 1440x900 resolution?

If your SiS integrated graphic (SiS650 series, SiS661 series, SiS740, SiS741 series, and SiS760 series) can not support 19" WXGA for 1440x900 resolution, you may check some information below:

1. Update the latest UniVGA3 driver, you may download from Download Center.
2. Check your VBIOS version, go to "Control Panel"->"Display"->"Settings"->"Advanced"->"Administrator"->"Product information", and you can see the VBIOS information, please check if it is updated to 2.28.00 or later.
3. If your VBIOS version is not 2.28.00 or later, you have to update your BIOS, please contact your board maker or system provider to get BIOS update support."

If not already done, you can try their latest drivers from click here, choosing SiS UniVGA3 graphics driver. The latest is v3.9 dated 2009-06-26. G

  wolfspark 18:48 26 Oct 2009

Yes, I've done this.

I updated the VGA driver to 3.9 and updated the system BIOS to the latest available on the Acer website but when I check the VBIOS it still displays 0.98.00

  GaT7 19:07 26 Oct 2009

Well, then you need a dedicated graphics card.

First determine what kind of slot(s) you have - PCI / AGP. Use SIW click here to do this. Run the standalone program & look under Hardware > System Slots.

Then try eBay for an inexpensive card - you should be able to get a good enough AGP (usually cheaper than PCI) card for £5-10. I'll give you a few suggestions if you don't know what to choose. G

  wolfspark 22:16 26 Oct 2009

The motherboard has an AGP and PCI slots.

I'd be grateful for some suggestions. It seems quite difficult to find out what resolutions graphics cards will support.

  woodchip 22:38 26 Oct 2009

You need to take care as AGP as two volts fitting a 3 volts one to a 1.5 can damage the motherboard check what your is. If its a fairly late PC then it most likely is a 8 speed and 1.5 volts

One hear if your not into Gaming Check out Resolution Support
click here

  GaT7 17:20 27 Oct 2009

PM me with your name+address details & I'll send you a suitable working PCI one for the cost of postage (shouldn't be more than £2-3). I'll get it in the post tomorrow morning (you can pay on receipt).

I tested it out in my PC, & it displayed 1440*900 right up to 1920*1200 perfectly - a screenshot click here.

For some odd reason it didn't seem to like nVidia's latest drivers dated 2006, & preferred Windows own (XP) ones dated 2004 - a screenshot click here. G

  GaT7 17:27 27 Oct 2009

It has a single VGA output only (no DVI / TV-out), so I hope it'll meet your needs. G

  wolfspark 20:52 27 Oct 2009

PM sent.

Thanks for your help. Really is much appreciated.

  GaT7 14:53 28 Oct 2009

Hi wolfspark, I didn't receive your pm. Can you please resend, ta. G

  wolfspark 21:40 28 Oct 2009

PM sent again.

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