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acer pc problems re speed

  johnnyrocker 21:53 30 Apr 2016

for some time i have had problems with this machine, in that after a couple of hours use the internet speed drops from 75mb to about ten or twelve mb,if machine re booted it returns to correct speed and will continue for the rest of the evening. this is a daily ocurrence and ocurrs without fail, i tried a friends recommendation to try safe mode which works faultlessly for hours on end. i recently added MS10 in the hope of a slution but no change. any advice welcome but not too technical please

regards johnny

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:29 30 Apr 2016

cable or wifi?

if Ok in safe mode, sounds like drivers.

Also check device - properties -power tab - set to never switch off.

  johnnyrocker 22:43 30 Apr 2016

thanks fo suggestion it is cable. will proceed to check items mentioned

many thanks johnny

  johnnyrocker 17:55 01 May 2016

having difficulty locating the required settings win10

help required

cheers johnny

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:14 01 May 2016

Right click start button - Device manager- Network Adaptors

  johnnyrocker 19:32 01 May 2016

my thanks for that will see how it goes


  johnnyrocker 20:39 08 May 2016

well i found the settings one of which was set to power down after ten minutes,so i set to never as advised, it now seems i need to reboot after about an hours use and ok for the evening.

regards johnny

  johnnyrocker 20:12 18 May 2016

i am still having the same problems in as much as the problem starts after about an hours use, as said earlier a re boot resolves the issue for the evening, has previously worked ok in safe mode without a problem, got the usual security stuff etc but would really like a peaceful evening, all help greatfully received with thanks


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