Acer L/Top Vista with 80GB HDD and Partition ???

  Audio~~Chip 00:35 04 Feb 2010

The Familys Vista Laptop with a 80GB HDD has the HDD partitioned by default as the following
labled as ACER C: PArtition says 7.88GB Free of 31.5GB & the D: Partition is labled as Data 31.2GB Free of 31.3GB

Ok, The laptop had gotr infections so I carried out the Acer Factory recovery which went fine I choose the option for factory defaults to bring it back to like new. Before the recovery I notice the C: drive showing Red bar and giving erro memory errors where usually at the side of the C: drive its a Blue bar in the box for space used.

My concern is the size of the partitons and the C: drive only having 7.8GB space left, its only got Vista, Home & office 2007 and ITunes all clean installed.

This will soon fill up. The D: has what looks like to be Reovery stuff hence called DATA the C has Windows, Programmes and Doc in.

Is there something gone wrong with the recovery or is there anything I can do to get more space on the C: drive without causing damage to windows.

I did try the Compress drive but when it got to Acer Empowering technology folders it wouldn't have it and created errors so I Cancelled it.

Both Partitions are NTFS

  crosstrainer 07:03 04 Feb 2010

That does seem odd....The acer data partiton should be FAT32, nut that would occupy even more space on the recovery partition.

First thoughts are that you may well have to perform the recovery again, but before you do, go into the BIOS (usually F2 on acers, but might be the DEL key)
And ensure that D to D option is set to enable.

I really can't see how office and Vista could be taking up that amount of space, and it's possible that one or more partitions are holding old data, or have become corrupt.

Failing that some more info about exact make and model would help us to source an answer.

  mooly 08:11 04 Feb 2010

You say it's Vista. So it's not an old laptop. 80gb seems fairly small for a drive these days.

Acers come with the HDD split into two equal partitions, the D is used for your user backups made using Acers own ERecovery... which is just like Acronis.

I have 37gb of 53gb free with Vista. If you look in "programs and features" in control panel that will show the size of all your installed applications... just add them up. I have around 1.5gb of installed programs and around 2 gb of user data.

Acers come with a lot of "bundled" software that takes up room.

  Audio~~Chip 11:51 04 Feb 2010

One idea I thougt would be best option would be to change the My Docs Folder to the D: drive but not by Copy & Paste option their is a way by built in tool. The O's is Vista Basic 32bit

Thanks and morning all !

  mooly 18:03 04 Feb 2010

Have you thought about cloning the OS using Acronis onto a new larger drive and fitting that to the laptop ? They are quite cheap nowadays.

You would keep the original intact to refit if you ever needed to reinstall the OS.

I know that's not your question but 80gb is small, particularly when partitioned as well. You can store files etc on the D partiton but it all becomes more messy somehow.

  Audio~~Chip 20:18 04 Feb 2010

I know Vista is big compaired to XP and Apps ontop. One thing that worries me is causing GWV Genuine Windows Validation failure with the O's & Office 2007 latter which is new & I own the disk.

Is Acronis Free ? and easy to use as I have never used it. Once I have used Acronis does it have to reside there in the new cloan ?

  mooly 08:05 05 Feb 2010

Acronis isn't free, but's it's one of the best programs around. It's not a scarry as it looks :)
click here

Acronis manual, read section 20 on how to clone a disc,
click here)jZAgkbqjMM0lu0gqdv7yS2rMZJs/p/pdf/TrueImage2010_UserGuide.en_uk.pdf

Here is a link to the Acronis forum,
click here
some really helpful folk on there.

how to clone an HDD,
click here

Acronis is installed as a program under windows and you use it normally from within windows. Once installed you can make regular image backups etc
It's a program you would want to keep installed.

The beauty of Acronis is that the disc (the DVD it comes on) is bootable, so if you can't access windows you simply pop the disc in and Acronis runs in RAM without an operating system allowing you to search/find and restore your files.

Windows may well ask you to go online to validate as it will have detected a system change... but a HDD is a legitimate repair and there shouldn't be any problems.
Remember cloning doesn't alter the original disc at all... you can always pop it back.

  mooly 08:06 05 Feb 2010

Hmmm second link doesn't work.
Download the user manual here and have a read, section 20,
click here

  scotty 11:10 05 Feb 2010

Partitions: I think you have three partitions, C:, D: and a hidden recovery partition.

If you have performed a factory recovery there should be very little on the drives. You can quickly check how much space is taken up by each directory (In explorer, right click on directory and select properties). I would expect ~4GB in Windows directory (based on XP, Vista may be larger). The only other sizeable directory should be Program Files. I suggest you look at each directory and identify where the space is being used.

  Audio~~Chip 22:09 05 Feb 2010

Been working away, will have a read through the above in more detail. Have a good weekend if I don't get back before.

  Audio~~Chip 11:52 06 Feb 2010

partition? and tell vista to "Save files to D: partion of the drive ? or if I do the acer recovery again, is there a way to control the partitions and change the sizes without damage to windows ? like move 28GB of D to be C partition.

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